Jury Awards $250,000 to Couple Injured in Hit-and-Run Car Crash Case

As George and Mebitha Sabu drove along North 5th Street in Philadelphia on Sept. 10, 2012, their vehicle was struck in the rear by another vehicle, which quickly fled the scene of the crash.

Fortunately, though, they were able to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle that had struck them, which later allowed them to file a lawsuit for damages against the owner of the vehicle that had fled the scene.

In April 2014, the Sabus were awarded a $250,000 verdict by a Philadelphia jury to compensate them for their injuries that were suffered in the crash, according to a story in The Legal Intelligencer.

George Sabu, a laborer, 39, was driving his vehicle at the time of the crash, while Mebitha Sabu, 31, a homemaker, was a passenger, according to the story. The vehicle that struck them from behind was being driven by either Larry Sharp or Jalonda D. Hall, which caused both Sabus to suffer back injuries, the story continued.

The defendants denied the allegations from the Sabus, and “further denied that Sharp operated a vehicle at the time and location of the alleged accident, and denied that Hall owned a vehicle involved in the accident,” according to the story.

Both plaintiffs were treated immediately after the crash in the emergency room at Holy Redeemer Hospital, then they sought further treatment at the Spinal Rehab Network. Mebitha Sabu complained of headaches and neck, back and hip pain, while George Sabu complained of neck, back and shoulder pain, according to the report. “Both plaintiffs [were] treated with physical therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, exercise and spinal manipulation,” the story continued.

Mebitha Sabu underwent an MRI, which revealed an injury to a disc, as well as other injuries, which a consulting doctor said were “permanent and directly related to the accident,” the story reported. George Sabu also suffered a similar injury.

The jury ruled in favor of the Sabus following a five-day trial, awarding George Sabu $150,000 and Mebitha Sabu $100,000.

Cases like this occur every day when innocent victims are hurt or killed in vehicle crashes through no fault of their own due to the actions or indifference of others. That’s why it is critical to have a legal team on your side that uncovers every fact to bolster your case and maximize your damage award.

This case also illustrates how important it is to collect relevant information at a crash scene, including as much information as possible in the event of a hit-and-run situation. Through quick thinking, the license plate number of the offending vehicle was recorded so that the victims could recover damages from them in court.

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