IKEA Renews its Recall on Tipping Dressers After 8th Child is Killed

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA is again publicizing its massive 2016 recall of some 17.3 million dressers and chests after another child was killed this year by one of the pieces of furniture after it toppled over onto the victim. The recall, which was first established in June 2016 after the deaths of seven other children, is being re-announced by IKEA to again publicize the large recall as the company is trying to remind customers to...


$7.15M Settlement to Woman Paralyzed in Fall from Ladder

A Pennsylvania woman who was paralyzed after she fell from a ladder as she tried to rescue a cat from a tree in November 2009 has reached a $7.15 million settlement with the manufacturer and seller of the ladder. Penny Raza, who was 36 at the time of the fall, was hurt when the Saf-T-Master Type III Household ladder she was climbing "telescoped," throwing her to the ground below as she attempted to rescue the...


$287K Settlement to Woman Injured in Roller Skating Fall

A 52-year-old woman who broke her arm while skating on a brand-new pair of roller skates in June of 2014 has received a $287,500 product liability settlement in the case. Gladys Jones, who was 50 at the time of the incident, had purchased a pair of "Chicago Skates" roller skates online from Fingerhut.com on June 18, 2014 and was injured eight days later when she unpacked the box and used the skates for the first...


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