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Lyft is a popular ride-hailing company that is attracting riders throughout Philadelphia, and other major cities across the nation. However, the company has also been a defendant in a number of personal injury lawsuits in which plaintiffs are alleging negligence on the part of Lyft drivers.

One such case involves a Lyft driver who was intoxicated when he arrived to pick up his passengers. While driving them, he caused a crash that almost resulted in their death. Plaintiffs Lisa Hite and Teri Cortines said they called Lyft so they could have a couple of drinks and watch football.

Instead, police arrested their Lyft driver for driving while under the influence. He is alleged to have made an illegal left turn through oncoming traffic and bringing about a serious collision. The driver picked them up at 10:00 a.m. Both victims were taken to the hospital with bruises, cuts and soreness. Hite stated she also suffered a heart attack right after the crash. They sued the driver and Lyft.

Lyft and other ride-hailing companies should implement more procedures to perform background checks, DMV checks and perhaps even a driver training course. As a result of the lawsuit, the driver has been permanently forbidden from using Lyft.

Lack of safety recall work

Another potential danger of using a ride-hailing company such as Lyft is that the vehicle may not have had its safety recall work completed, as is federally required. This is according to a national joint investigation conducted by KING5, other TEGNA television stations, and Among the recalls are Takata airbag inflators and Toyota accelerator recalls. Ride-hailing companies such as Lyft do not require that their drivers maintain that their cars are current with recall work. This means that the existence of outstanding recalls could make such companies liable in the event of a lawsuit.

Additionally, there is a potential effect on the insurance coverage. If the driver fails to take reasonable measures to maintain their vehicle, the insurance company could issue a denial of the claim.

However, Lyft and Uber obtained temporary restraining orders that prevented KING5 from revisiting information that associated any VINs issued by the city to for-hire vehicles that were operated by contractors for either company.

This is highly problematic because several for-hire vehicles have recalls for significant issues. Many contain Takata airbag inflators, which have the capacity to explode with excessive force, causing some airbag parts to become shrapnel that can be propelled into the passenger cabin.

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