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  • I Love this Town

    I Love this Town
    We love representing our Philedelphia community.
  • The One Number to Call

    The One Number to Call
    Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys are well known and respected among insurance company adjusters, opposing counsel, and trial court judges.
  • Recovery from Brain Injury

    Recovery from Brain Injury
    We represent many cases for clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. That is what makes us uniquely qualified to handle these types of claims. Based on our experience, we know traumatic brain injuries can be caused by any type of accident.
  • Recovery from Car Accident

    Recovery from Car Accident
    We make sure our clients' medical bills are all paid through the settlement we achieve on their behalf, now and into the future.
  • Injured on the Job?

    Injured on the Job?
    Bills piling up? Need better medical care? It's time to call MyPhillyLawyer.
  • Our Birth Injury Team

    Our Birth Injury Team
    As parents, we all want what's best for our kids, but when a child is injured at birth, providing the best can seem impossible. The Birth Injury Team at MyPhillyLawer can help.
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