Birth Injuries: What is Fetal Acidosis?

Fetal Acidosis is a medical term referring to the high acidity of an unborn baby’s blood. It typically occurs when a fetus is deprived of oxygen for a period of time during or after baby delivery. Fetal Acidosis can lead to complications, such as brain damage, or even infant death.

Many causes of Fetal Acidosis are preventable. Providing the mother with enough oxygen during delivery can ensure her blood Ph balance is normal, thus helping to ensure the baby’s will be as well. Minimizing a long and stressful labor and consistent monitoring of a baby’s heart and oxygen level can help prevent fetal distress. After delivery, keeping a baby free of infection and ensuring he or she has adequate oxygen are essential. In addition, diagnosing anemia or respiratory stress can also prevent Fetal Acidosis.

For these reasons, if your baby suffered Fetal Acidosis, you may be able to file medical malpractice claim and recover compensation.

Do I Have a Birth Injury Claim?

Successful birth injury claims must show a clear act of negligence or carelessness on part of a doctor or nurse. The medical provider must have made an error that another medical provider would not have made under similar circumstances.

An attorney can evaluate your Fetal Acidosis claim and determine whether this is true for you. If your baby suffered Fetal Acidosis as a result of negligence, your attorney can also value your claim, taking into consideration medical expenses, long-term effects of the condition, loss of enjoyment of life and other factors. In short, your 医疗事故律师 can help maximize the compensation you receive.

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