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Handling personal injury cases is not simply a matter of gathering the paperwork and appearing in court or at settlement talks. To provide exceptional client service, an attorney or law firm must give clients more: answers to questions and the information needed to make good decisions about the case as it moves forward.

That’s why the lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer provide clients and potential clients with a wide array of information. Most clients involved in personal injury lawsuits have never been involved with the legal system before; it is understandable that they have questions. Follow the links below to review some of the types of information we offer.

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Court Radio

One of the most important ways we educate clients and potential clients about personal injury issues is via Court Radio, a weekly broadcast that occurs each week in the Philadelphia area. Attorney Dean Weitzman answers questions and discusses topics relevant to legal issues in personal injury matters.

Legal Articles adds to the legal articles on the website, providing in-depth information about issues that range from infant car seat safety to motor vehicle accident insurance. We add new articles frequently, so check back often.

Video Presentations

Our firm produces videos on legal topics ranging from life care planning after a catastrophic injury to issues arising from accidents and injuries suffered by construction workers.

News About Our Law Firm

When choosing a law firm, potential clients should be knowledgeable about the attorneys and their activities, both in the legal community and the wider world. That’s why we issue press releases and news reports describing events and developments involving our attorneys and staff, giving clients a way to get to know us better.

Case Results

One way to determine whether an attorney or law firm is right for you is to look at the results the firm has won. We describe the cases we have handled and links to specific results obtained. Of course, past results do not guarantee success in the future, but they do give an indicator of the types of cases we handle and how we succeeded.

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