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Have you been arrested in connection with a crime? Is there a warrant out for your arrest? Have the police called you because they “just want to talk?” You need to talk to a Philadelphia criminal attorney about your legal rights and options.

The Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys of MyPhillyLawyer, provide aggressive representation and personal service to people who have been charged with a wide range of crimes, including:

Theft: We represent clients in all types of theft crimes, from shoplifting to complex financial crimes.

Burglary/robbery: Do not face these felony charges without the representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Traffic offenses: Paying a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket is admitting guilt. Too many traffic tickets can result in steep fines and increased insurance rates. Do not take that risk.

Domestic violence: You face serious penalties for a domestic violence conviction. Let us help protect your rights, freedom and reputation.

Drug crimes: Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys are skilled in handling state and federal drug crimes. We know the defense strategies that can minimize your penalties.

Weapons charges: We defend people charged with possession of an illegal firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and other weapons charges.

Drunk driving: Do not talk to the police without first discussing your situation with a DUI defense attorney. We know where to challenge the case against you to protect your driving privileges and minimize penalties.

Juvenile crimes: From vandalism to theft, we represent juveniles who are facing criminal charges. We help protect their rights and their futures.

College crimes: Are you a college student facing criminal charges? Let us help you protect your future.

Violent crimes: Our Philadelphia, PA criminal defense attorneys provide serious and aggressive representation for assault and other violent crimes.

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