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The attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer have more than 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of personal injury accidents. Be it a car accidentbirth injury, a slip and fall on someone’s property, or a truck accident, we have got you covered. We understand that the effects of an injury can last for years and that you need financial and legal support to help you move forward with your life.

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Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

We are experienced trial lawyers who often obtain generous settlements and verdicts for our clients. When necessary, our Philly personal injury lawyers hire expert witnesses to evaluate your injuries. We are effective at obtaining powerful statements from eyewitnesses. Insurance adjusters know we have done our research and investigation when we negotiate with an insurance company. They also know we are ready to go to trial if they are unwilling to make an adequate offer.

From wrongful death claims to general injuries caused by the negligence of others, MyPhillyLawyer is your ally and deeply committed to making a difference in the resolution of your claim.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury lawyer can assist you in settling an accident case with an insurance company. If you or a loved one is facing accident-related expenses and significant medical bills, hiring legal counsel for a personal injury accident is the best move.

Personal injury attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer ensure your claim is filed on time before any statute of limitations runs out and determine which parties can be sued in a case with more than one possible defendant.

Personal injury lawyers are highly trained to evaluate injuries and they understand the intricate issues and circumstances of every case. A personal injury attorney at MyPhillyLawyer will take a case to trial if attempts to settle with the insurance company are unsuccessful.

While survivors may attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on their own, they are typically at a disadvantage. The insurance company will to take advantage of the situation by offering a very low settlement or trying to dismiss the claim using various excuses, such as the accident was partially the plaintiff’s fault or the injuries were pre-existing, so the injured survivor is not entitled to compensation.

What a personal injury can do for your case

Accidental Injury Types and Costs

Vehicle Accidents
187,870 PA crashes per year
Slip and fall
Slips & Falls
33% of preventable injuries
Preventable deaths in the U.S.
227,000 + Yearly
Preventable Deaths in the U.S.
63 Million
Injuries per year in the U.S.
Hospital icon
$1,283.5 Billion
In Yearly Costs Nationally
Workplace injuries
Workplace Injuries
4.53 million per year in the U.S.

What Are Your Injuries Worth?

Most injured survivors in injury accidents do not know what their injuries are worth. Although a personal injury calculator can offer an approximation of the worth of an injury, it is not accurate in estimating the final value of a settlement.

This is because there are several moving parts to ultimately determining a final settlement. Those factors include how serious the injuries are, how they impact the plaintiff’s life, whether their medical condition will affect them permanently, or if they could recover, whether surgery is involved, or if a traumatic brain injury is debilitating.

An injured plaintiff can only guess what their injuries could be worth, and should they try to file a personal injury claim on their own, they stand to lose thousands of dollars by not knowing the value of their injuries and not knowing the legal process or procedures – a fact that could even result in their case being thrown out in court or dismissed by an insurance company.

MyPhillyLawyer personal injury attorneys are highly trained and have extensive litigation and negotiation experience. We know what your claim could or should be, and that is what we fight for.

Economic damages

Showing Liability in a Personal Injury Case

The biggest issue in a personal injury accident is the question of liability. A personal injury attorney from MyPhillyLawyer can show that a claim is based on provable liability on the part of a negligent person or persons in a case. Proving liability is vitally important because to obtain a payout from an insurance company or another at-fault individual, fault/liability must be established.

In personal injury cases, the plaintiff’s attorney strives to prove the claimant was owed a duty of care by a negligent defendant; that the defendant was in breach of the duty owed to the plaintiff; and can show that injuries sustained by a survivor were the direct result of the defendant breaching their duty of care. A personal injury attorney also shows that the plaintiff/survivor’s injuries directly resulted from the defendant’s negligence.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies know that plaintiffs trying to represent themselves can be beaten by using legal technicalities that the plaintiff does not know about or understand. MyPhillyLawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and obtain a favorable outcome.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers meeting in lobby

A personal injury lawyer can:

Ensure you get Medical Care

Level the Playing Field

Handle the Paperwork

Go to court if necessary

Maximize your Reward

Let a Personal Injury Lawyer Deal with the Hassle of Insurance Companies and Regulations

Understanding how insurance works in the aftermath of an accident is something a personal injury attorney is intimately familiar with and knows that other damages can be claimed. Plaintiffs trying to handle their claims do not comprehend whose insurance pays for what in any car accident, which can be even more complex if both parties to a crash or other type of accident are involved.

Pennsylvania has choice no-fault insurance, which means, should you be involved in a vehicle accident, and have full tort insurance; you are eligible for compensation for suffering and pain. If you have limited tort coverage, you are not eligible for pain and suffering.

However, even if you have limited tort coverage, some exceptions may apply. That is, there are extenuating circumstances that allow you to recover damages for pain and suffering even with limited tort insurance.


Some exceptions can apply. Most commonly, full tort coverage will apply when: a drunk driver hit the policyholder; a pedestrian was hit by a car; the defendant’s car is registered out of state; the plaintiff was traveling in a commercial vehicle; the plaintiff was riding with a spouse or relative with full tort coverage and the plaintiff was an injured passenger; the defendant does not have auto insurance and if the accident was fatal, resulted in disfigurement or permanent impairment of bodily function.

Preparing for the Future Following Birth Injury

Did you buy limited tort threshold insurance in Pennsylvania? Our Philly attorneys are often able to break through the limited tort thresholds for people whose injuries are considered severe enough to warrant full tort awards. Did you purchase lawsuit threshold insurance in New Jersey? Our lawyers may be able to avoid these limitations so that you can recover an award for noneconomic pain and suffering.

Cases of Dangerous Conditions & Products

Our liability and dangerous conditions work includes premises liability cases like: slip-and-falls, elevator accidents, hotel accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, food poisoning; elder care abuse cases including: falls in nursing homes and medication errors; and defective product cases like: dangerous and medical devices and automobile defects.

90c / Tools

Work Injuries

On the job accidents and work-related injuries or illnesses

90c / Caution

Dangerous Property

Accidents caused by dangerous conditions

90c / Personal Injury

Elder Care

Injuries caused by medication errors, elder abuse and neglect

90c / Bandage

Defective Products

Injuries caused by dangerous products

Experienced Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Philly injury lawyers seek compensation for all types of injuries and for wrongful death caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medical Negligence and Birth Injuries, including:

Contact our personal injury firm, MyPhillyLawyer, for a free evaluation of your claim. Our Philadelphia law firm recovers millions of dollars annually for clients. We seek compensation for all types of injuries and wrongful death caused by vehicle accidentsmedical negligence, and birth injurieson-the-job accidents and work-related injuries, accidents caused by dangerous conditions, medication errors and elder abuse, and injuries caused by dangerous products.

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Our Record of Success: Verdicts & Settlements

These are just examples of the injury cases we successfully handle every year. Our Philadelphia law firm recovers millions of dollars annually for clients.


Birth injury causing brain damage


Brain injury from ATV accident


Tractor Trailer collision resulting in death


Shattered hip, high-impact car crash


Transvaginal Mesh

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