I highly recommend Dean Weitzman. First, he was empathetic and listened carefully to the impact the accident had upon my physical and mental health. Second, I believe he negotiated the very best settlement he could have gotten. Third, it is obvious he has expertise in personal injury law, does his research, knows members of the Philadelphia law community, and is strategic. Dean has the ability to partner with clients. While these are the most important reasons why I would highly recommend him, it is a bonus that he is very likable and has a good sense of humor. While I wish my injury had never occurred, I am very fortunate I hired Dean Weitzman!

-Christina Robertson

After a car accident resulting in a total loss and injury, I was referred to this office by my older brother. He said his experience was wonderful and that he received quick assistance with his case. I decided to give them a try, and I’m glad I did. Josh Gayle was so great to work with as he answered all of my questions and fought for me even when I felt like the odds were stacked.

-Azzure Lewis

My attorney, Joshua Gayl, and his team were excellent throughout the entire process. Each person walked me through each step, made sure I went to physical therapy, kept my doctors appointments and checked on my overall well being. Joshua was very informative about where things stood in the case, explained technical details and made sure all the information was gathered appropriately. Joshua Gayl is an excellent attorney and I would give him 10 stars if I could!!!!

– Twila Taylor

Josh and his coworkers from MyPhillyLawyer helped me out when I didn’t know what to do after an accident. I received fair medical treatment, they communicated quickly with me and did everything I needed to pursue a claim. They were very helpful at all times. Highly recommended.

– Kyle V.

My experience with MyPhilly lawyer has been a wonderful experience. There is nothing better than feeling like the team is on your side. The staff has always taken my calls , no matter what time. I can honestly say I’m extremely grateful for MyPhilly lawyer.

– Corynna Martin

Yes I want to give My Philly Lawyer 5 Stars review. I Love there Firm. Every One there is the best you can find. If you where injured in a accident and want 100 guaranteed best service. You have to come with My Philly Lawyer they won’t let you down.

– Ajuah Sadat

I’m a very small business owner “VERY SMALL” l met Saul Langsam a few years ago and when I say he treats me like I’m a fortune 500 company it amazes me . Whenever I call or email he responds literally immediately. He goes as far to quickly set up a consult . I love how he handles business.

– Tyrone Wilson

Dean and his team handled my mother’s case efficiently and got her most of what the defendant’s policy allowed. They were no nonsense and focused. They dealt with the insurance companies and doctors’ billing departments so we could focus on my mother. We were very satisfied and would use the firm again.

– Sandra Horwitz

Exceeded my expectations! Lawyers and staff members were a pleasure to interact with. My case seemed hopeless I was injured in an accident where the other driver was underinsured. The firm and especially Virginia Schofield went over and a above make sure I was compensated for my injuries.
Highly recommend using this firm.

– Linda Elkins

For 3 agonizing years My Philly lawyer fought for me like family. I was in a horrific rollover accident that required back surgery, and lost my career as an electrician. When i met with their paralegal team they assured me, i was in great hands with Dean Weitzman and Frank Brietman. I was not convinced, and felt like another number in a big company. Mandee L. called the next day with physical therapy options, and i was in to speak with Dean the following day! Appointments were made, visits were often and the pain was endless. There were times i wanted to walk away, and i wasn’t happy with certian care i received. Each time for 3 years MY PHILLY LAWYER stepped their game up and took center stage in my care and rehabilitation. Joshua G. made sure every document was accounted for and all my paperwork was in order. Their paralegal team is relentless, informative, and unmatched by far in my opinion. When my case finally went to trial Frank Brietman was 1st class and i do mean 1st class! This accident had changed my life forever, and my Law team understood that, and that was most important to me. Frank B. made sure that I had zero worries, and even gave me his personal number just to talk. In the end i won more than i was expecting thanks to MYPHILLYLAWYER. My life has changed forever since this accident happened. But i would like to personally thank, Frank B., Dean W., Joshua G., and Mandee L. When your looking for the best look no further.

– Nicholas Mangreum

My 89 year old mom was a pedestrian hit by a car and was badly injured. I had no idea what to do and in shock but Dean stepped right in and told me not to worry and to take care of my mom. He would take care of everything else. His team worked quickly and I did not have to worry about a thing. Dean, Dina and Mandee always the utmost professionals took care of my mom and she is on her road to recovery. Thanks MyPhillyLawyer! I would not go anywhere else.

– Sieu Nguyen

The staff at MyPhillyLawyer was extremely professional. They kept me updated with all aspects of my case at all times. When settlement came I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend MyPhillyLawyer a million times over. Thank you Frank Breitman & Virginia Schofield for all of your hard work. You guys are the best. You have a client for life

– Michael Clark

I was so impressed hearing Dean Weitzman answering legal questions ,on the radio. I promised myself that if I ever needed legal representation, he would be my only choice. Unfortunantly, a serious car accident was the beginning of that legal & medical journey. Mandee Lickstein, Dean’s legal assistant, was so professional & patient in navigating through the legal web of events. Which, of course, resulted in a fairytale ending. “And Anita lived happily ever after”. THE END…

– Anita Barnes

My experience with this firm has been amazing…I put my trust in this team and they have certainly delivered. I lost my daughter in a hit and run on Roosevelt Blvd. We believed The City of Phila. and Pendot was responsible for the disastrous design of the intersection that ultimately caused the accident and death of my daughter. Dean and John won us a settlement, to me that settlement meant the city and Pendot are taking responsibility. The driver has never been caught but at least now Pendot and the City of Phila is taking responsibility in their role. Thank You My Philly Lawyer

– Rashida Jackson

I had a car accident a few years ago and spoke with Ruth Torres about this Law Firm. She assured me that I would be in good hands, and I was. I was able to get the medical treatment I needed and was able to refer a friend who also had a great outcome. Thank you for your assistance and especially to Ruth for her professionalism and for keeping me in the loop at all times.

– Adriana Rivera

My Philly Lawyer represented me for an auto accident I was involved in. The entire process, from beginning to end, was a pleasure. Leslie kept me well informed throughout and she was wonderful to deal with. I was more than satisfied with the outcome. During a normally stressful time, I was put at ease by the entire staff at My Philly Lawyer and I won’t hesitate to have them represent me again if the need arises.

– Craig Rifkin

I originally contacted Attorney Langsam in May of 2015 about putting a deed in my name. My mother passed in November 2014.I went to the Register of Wills and received “Letters of Administration”. Attorney Langsam advised me I would need to complete Inheritance Tax returns, and I would need to do this sooner rather than later. I started the process some 5 or 6 months later after Attorney Langsam advised me I would need to complete this matter. I started getting letters from the Register of Wills and the Commonwealth of Pa about the Inheritance Tax Returns. Well I did a refinance on my mother’s property, and the day of closing I received a call from the title company about an escrow account. I gave her attorney Langsam’s name and phone number. Attorney Langsam handled the situation, I was able to go to closing on the day before Thanksgiving 2015. What a blessing this man has been in my life. I can not thank him enough. You really need an attorney in handling estate matters, real estate, because the general public has no idea. I thank God I started listening to the radio show, and one caller had a question about real estate, Dean said call Saul. I called that Monday morning and he has been an amazing person in my life. Thank you attorney Langsam.

-Sandra G. Speight

As he stepped out of his work truck to make a delivery to a Philadelphia drugstore in July 2008, Musa Ahmed lost his balance and fell hard to the ground. The curbstone was sunken into the ground and caused his fall, which resulted in serious leg and back injuries. “There was a hole there [in the curb] that shouldn’t have been there,” he said. “I found out later that that hole had been there for a long time and they did nothing about it.” After the accident, Ahmed, 59, heard attorney Dean I. Weitzman speaking on a MyPhillyLawyer radio broadcast and he called in to talk about his case. “This guy seems to be pretty sharp here,” Ahmed said. “After talking with him on the radio, he gave me some good insights on what could happen next.” Ahmed then met with Weitzman and hired him to take his case. “As a person, he just seemed like he knew you for a long time,” he said. “He made you feel like he was raised up in your neighborhood.” Ahmed was also impressed by how the MyPhillyLawyer staff kept in touch about his case. “He had someone from his office contact me periodically to let me know what was happening.”

-Musa Ahmed

When her husband was killed in a New Jersey traffic accident last January, Willingboro, N.J., resident Jacquelyn Dixon’s life was dramatically altered. Her husband, Johnnie, 61, died when a tractor-trailer pulled in front of his car as he was driving to his job as a research chemist. The father of their six children, Johnnie was also a minister for the Kingdom Living Ministries. After the accident, a friend suggested she call attorney Dean I. Weitzman to represent her in her husband’s death. What she found, she said, was a caring advocate for her family. “Dean called me and came to the house to meet with me and my son,” Mrs. Dixon said. “He’s just been taking care of me since then. He makes sure that my daughter and I continue our lifestyle since my husband was killed. His first concern was that we had money coming into our household. He’s done that. He had everybody in the office working on my case. Everyone in the office knew my name.” “I feel like he took this case very personally and he did whatever he could to ensure that my daughter and I were taken care of,” she said. “I trust him and he’s done a great job.” “My life was turned upside down when my husband died and it’s been a very difficult process. I hurt every day.”

-Jacquelyn Dixon
Willingboro, N.J.

Karen Vick of Sewell, N.J., was driving her flower delivery truck in Philadelphia in 2005 when her truck was struck by another vehicle in an intersection. Vick, now 46, suffered back and neck injuries and was unable to work for three years. A family friend recommended that she call the MyPhillyLawyer law firm to represent her in court. Attorney Frank Breitman took charge of her claims. “He handled the personal injury part of the case,” which was settled in early 2008, Vick said. “Everything was very professional,” she said. “I always knew what they were doing. They stayed right with me the whole time. They are very easy to talk to. They don’t make you feel like they’re the lawyers and you’re the client. They’re not pretentious. They’re down to earth. They asked all about my family. They’re more than just lawyers. They actually care, which is very rare nowadays. They treat you like family, right from the start. They even went to one of my doctor’s appointments with me to make sure I was comfortable and to make sure that everything went well. I’ve referred people to them since my accident. They’re really good people.”

-Karen Vick
Sewell, N.J.

Nineteen years ago, as she was driving in her car to visit her mother in Philadelphia from her home in Willingboro, N.J., Lillie R. Daniels’ vehicle was struck by a speeding ambulance in an intersection. Thus began a lawyer-client relationship she has had with Dean I. Weitzman ever since. Mrs. Daniels, now 67, a retired hospital worker, called Weitzman after she was given his card by a stranger. “What impressed me most is that I called him and told him I wanted to come and see him” to talk about the crash. “He said ‘no, you were in an accident and I will come and see you.’ He came the next day.” He handled the case for her and the settlement. “We’ve been friends ever since,” Mrs. Daniels said. “I call him if I have a problem, and he calls me back. I tell him you are like my son.” “I never had to go anywhere on my own,” including medical visits and legal proceedings, she said. “He always said ‘I will pick you up and take you there.’ That’s what I love about him.” In 2002, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The following year, after her treatment, she told Weitzman that she wanted to create an organization, The Bread of Life Foundation, to help women with breast cancer and he helped her with the paperwork and provided legal advice – on a pro bono basis. “He did a lot of leg work for me,” she said. “He did it all.” In 2005, the group honored Weitzman at its annual luncheon. Last October, he provided five $100 gift cards to cancer survivors at a foundation fundraiser. “They are a law firm that cares” Mrs. Daniels said. “They are loving. They are compassionate. They are honest and anything they can do for you they will do. They will go the extra mile.”

-Lillie R. Daniels
Willingboro, N.J.

I have homeowners insurance. The All State Agent called me this afternoon about 3:30 pm they received your fax of the Deed, and I have a policy as of this date. I am so happy and relieved. I picked the right attorney in less than 24 hours you made it happen. So much anxiety has been lifted off my shoulders, I can sleep easy. God Bless You Attorney Langsam.

-Sandra G. Speight

Tatiana Bardina, 31, of Dover, Del., was a passenger in a car being driven by a friend in February 2008 when the vehicle was struck by another car on a snowy roadway in Philadelphia. Her head struck the headrest of the car, injuring her neck and back and causing tingling in her arms. A friend recommended that she contact attorney Dean I. Weitzman. “My friend told me that [MyPhillyLawyer] was a very reliable company and that they take care of everything,” Bardina said. The case was settled quickly and to her satisfaction. “He was always on top of everything” in the case, she said. “He was very efficient and he made me really comfortable. I didn’t know what to do and how it all works. He was very helpful. I did not have to worry about anything. They did it all very professionally. There were no problems whatsoever.”

-Tatiana Bardina
Dover, Del.

You agreed to represent me for my automobile accident when other attorneys turned the case down. I was thrilled with the settlement you negotiated. I will tell all my family and friends about you.

-Suzanna Klipach
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I lost the use of my right arm when I hurt myself at work. The structured settlement you negotiate will provide me with income for many years. Thank you for all your hard work.

-Piero DiGianantonio
Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Thank you for representing my seven year old daughter against the owner of the German Sheppard dog that attacked her. The money will be used for her college tuition. God Bless You!

-Dorinda Marshall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Only you could convince the owners of the garbage dump that my leg infection and lengthy hospital stay was caused by their failure to maintain sanitary conditions in the dumping area. My wife and I appreciate the settlement and your hard work.

-Melvin Resnick
Richboro, Pennsylvania

I was never involved in an auto accident. I was very nervous. You and your office staff always took the time to answer my questions. It was very comforting to know that you were my lawyer.

-Debra Barr
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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