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The Danger of Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Slips, trips and falls are some of the leading causes of catastrophic injury on the job and cause more worker deaths than any other set of circumstances.

The Workers’ Compensation Act was introduced in order to provide employees with support immediately following an injury. Previously, workers would have had to take their employer to court and could wait years before receiving any compensation. While the Workers’ Compensation Act ensures benefits for injured workers, it also precludes an injured employee from suing his or her employer.

However, if you are injured on the job because of an individual, or company, independent of your direct employer, you are able to file suit. This is often the case in the construction industry, where many workers are subcontractors.

Imagine the situation where a subcontracting roofer falls and is injured on the job due to an unsafe environment. He or his family is able to sue the general site contractor – as long as that contractor did not live up to safety standards.

Especially in the case of roofers, iron workers and framers – falls are a constant danger. General contractors and site overseers can ensure a safe environment by enforcing:

– Fall prevention, such as barricades, gates and railings
– Fall protection, such as safety harnesses

Workplace safety is monitored by OSHA, but a safe work environment really starts at the top, with the people making the decisions. Still, in the end, it’s the guy in the work boots, not the guy in the suit, who will be injured or killed. The threat of a lawsuit plays a huge role in pulling these executives and project managers into line.

As a result, the construction industry, and other work environments, is becoming safer. However, slips and falls still cause thousands of accidents a year. When devastating accidents occur, injured workers need serious representation – the sooner, the better.

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