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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Pennsylvania car accidents are common. Even the safest drivers risk getting into a vehicle accident. According to the Pennsylvania Transportation Department (PennDOT), in 2022, there were 115,938 reported car crashes, with 67,012 people injured. According to the statistics, 1,179 people died in vehicle crashes in 2022. There is some good news, however. PennDOT statistics reflect that 2022 had the third-lowest total of accidents since 1950. The 2022 fatality rate of 1.15 deaths per hundred million miles traveled is the fourth-lowest since PennDOT started keeping records in 1935.

Even with lower accident rates, Pennsylvania drivers are still at risk of an accident. If you or someone you love have been involved in an automobile crash, reach out to MyPhillyLawyer. Every driver involved in a collision needs to be aware they can contact a car accident lawyer at MyPhillyLawyer to help them get fair compensation for their injuries and damages.

Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

According to statistics from PennDOT, approximately 12 crashes occur every hour on Pennsylvania streets. These crashes result in approximately one fatality every seven hours and eight injuries every hour.

People who live in Pennsylvaina face these realities. One in 57 people are involved in a car crash every year. One out of 209 are injured in a collision and one out of 11,339 are killed in a wreck.

Based on Pennsylvania’s 2022 population (12,972,008 people):

  • 1 out of every 51 people was involved in a reportable traffic crash
  • 1 out of every 11,003 people was fatally injured in a reportable traffic crash
  • 1 out of every 194 people was injured in a reportable traffic crash

Types of Car Crashes

Different types of car crashes occur on Pennsylvania roads. However, some types of car accidents are more common.

Passenger vehicles were involved in more wrecks than any other kind of vehicle. Passenger vehicle accidents, when linked with SUVs, light trucks and vans, made up the vast majority of fatalities as a result of crashes. Crashes involving light trucks, cans and SUVs are on the rise, and if this trend continues, crashes among this group of vehicles may soon overtake passenger cars.

PennDOT list the following types of vehicle accidents in order from most to least common in the state:

Passenger Cars
89,964 crashes & 364 fatalities
Light Trucks, Vans & SUVs
84,932 crashes & 331 fatalities
Heavy Trucks
8,223 crashes & 45 fatalities
3,475 crashes & 217 fatalities
815 crashes & 15 fatalities
Commercial Buses
461 crashes & 0 fatalities

Frequency of Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

In 2022, the total number of reported crashes decreased by 1.7 percent over 2021 and fatalities decreased by 4.1 percent. Total injuries also declined by 3.7 percent.

The frequency of car accidents in Pennsylvania can be attributed to many different factors. Automobile collisions can be caused by factors like time of day, weather conditions and driver age.

Weather and road conditions can cause crashes, however, most accidents happen during good daytime conditions. Statistics from PennDOT show the number and percentage of accidents that happen during different road conditions:

  • No Adverse Conditions 93,277 (80.5%) 1,024 (86.9%)
  • Rain/Rain & Fog 13,316 (11.5%) 102 (8.7%)
  • Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain 8,449 (7.3%) 32 (2.7%)
  • Fog/Smoke, Etc. 609 (0.5%) 14 (1.2%)

Driver age is another factor that impacts the number of vehicle collisions across Pennsylvania. Overall male drivers are involved in more wrecks than female drivers. Of those drivers, those aged 21-25 were involved in more crashes than drivers in any other age group for both sexes.

Another major factor contributing to Pennsylvania automobile accidents is the day of the week and time of day. According to PennDOT:

  • In 2022 most crashes occurred on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Saturdays had the most fatalities
  • A total of 224 fatalities happened on Saturdays
  • A total of 184 deaths happened on Fridays
  • 8,589 crashes, the highest number reported, occurred at 3:00 p.m., with 71 deaths

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Although not all car crashes result in injury, some will cause severe injuries, complications, damages and even death. The severity of injuries will depend on many factors that contribute to the accident like the speed of the vehicles, size of the vehicles and weather conditions, among others.

Failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis topped the list of medical malpractice claims family physicians faced.

Here is a list of the most common car accident injuries.

Pennsylvania’s No-Fault System and Determining Fault in Car Accidents

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state and also a choice no-fault state. No-fault insurance means that each party in an accident, no matter who was at fault, is usually able to obtain compensation for injuries and other losses from their own insurance company. The choice to have fault or no-fault auto insurance must be made when a driver buys insurance.

Fault and choice no-fault insurance is also referred to as full tort and limited tort. Those with limited tort coverage are not likely to be able to file a lawsuit to get compensation for injuries. They must file a claim with their own insurance company. Limited tort is fairly popular because the premiums are less expensive. While it is an option Pennsylvania drivers can choose, experts suggest limited tort coverage is not advisable because it limits drivers from being fully compensated for injuries in the aftermath of a car accident.

The other auto insurance option is full tort, offering fewer limitations. If a full tort insured driver is involved in an accident, they can file a claim against the insured driver to get compensation, and the driver deemed to be at-fault pays the lost wages and medical bills. Full tort insurance offers more protection in the event of an accident.

Those with limited tort car insurance can only sue the at-fault party for medical expenses. Limited tort does not allow drivers to sue the at-fault party for pain and suffering.


Some exceptions can apply. Most commonly, full tort coverage will apply when: a drunk driver hit the policyholder; a pedestrian was hit by a car; the defendant’s car is registered out of state; the plaintiff was traveling in a commercial vehicle; the plaintiff was riding with a spouse or relative with full tort coverage and the plaintiff was an injured passenger; the defendant does not have auto insurance and if the accident was fatal, resulted in disfigurement or permanent impairment of bodily function.

Driver Error

Driver error is the underlying cause of the majority of crashes. Speeding and distracted driving continue to be big contributors to accidents. The top three causes of accidents in Pennsylvaina by percentage are:


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Our Philadelphia car accident attorneys have handled thousands of serious and fatal motor vehicle accident cases, including:

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