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Uber, a popular ride-hailing company, continues to attract riders even though there is great potential for car accidents resulting in injury or death. One such incident involving an Uber driver is a case in which an amateur runner named Katherine Vesce was knocked unconscious and suffered a severe knee injury as a result of the negligent behavior of the Uber driver. The victim was on her way to the New York City marathon, but was so badly injured she could not compete in the marathon, and it is unlikely that she will be able to run any marathons in the future.

According to Vesce, the Uber driver was not adept at driving. Within the first few minutes of the ride, he almost caused several accidents, and drove in an erratic manner when turning and passing other vehicles. And to complicate matters further, the Uber driver had trouble speaking with the plaintiff in English, and it seemed to the plaintiff that he could not read or comprehend the highway signs they passed. As stated in the lawsuit, the Uber driver swerved from the left lane to the right lane to such a degree that he drove perpendicular to the correct direction of traffic. He then crashed into another vehicle at full speed, causing both cars to move wildly off the highway and into a fence.

Vesce has filed a lawsuit against Uber alleging negligence and fraud, among other accusations. This case is just one of many lawsuits filed against Uber in recent times. Several cases make relevant claims that Uber’s safety and training procedures are terribly deficient, and can cause this kind of dangerous driving behavior.

In another case, a man claimed he was beaten up by his Uber driver one wintery evening in Philadelphia. According to the complaint, the plaintiff, Joseph Fusco, alleges that he was almost beaten to death after his Uber driver refused to transport him from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to his home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a distance of approximately nine miles. Among the allegations Fusco leveled against Uber is Uber’s refusal to submit to authorities pertinent information about the driver as part of the investigation. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Uber is dishonest in its promise of rider safety by failing to perform sufficient background checks on its drivers and by not being cooperative with law enforcement.

Inadequate driver background checks by Uber

The rise in the number of Uber car accidents has raised questions about the requirements of Uber drivers, and the process that Uber uses to vet its drivers. According to Uber’s website, you can become a driver in a matter of minutes. Each driver passes through a pre-screening process, which is usually conducted by a third-party vendor, such as Checkr.

The use of Live Scans that go through databases of the official Department of Justice and FBI databases is the sole way in which to search official federal, state and county records. However, Uber uses only third-party services, which do not require fingerprints. And the records they obtain may be outdated or incomplete because they are not gaining access to government databases. Live Scans are the norm for performing background checks of professionals, including teachers, medics and others who have significant interactions with the public.

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