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The Philadelphia slip and fall accident attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer have handled numerous types of personal injury lawsuit claims and been successful in lawsuit settlement negotiations, in arbitration and at trial. The following is an example of results we obtained for one of our clients who was injured after falling in a local restaurant.

Case Summary: Ankle Fracture After Slip-and-Fall at Local Restaurant

Our client, a patron at a local restaurant, had sustained a simple non-displaced fracture of her ankle when she slipped and fell on a glass rack. We argued that the restaurant had failed to routinely inspect or properly maintain the premises, and failed to remedy or warn about a known dangerous condition. We also argued that the defendants should have removed the glass rack from an area frequented by customers. The defendants argued that our client had entered the service area of the restaurant, and was thus negligent herself. The defendant made no offers of settlement whatsoever.

After the matter went to arbitration, we obtained a $20,000 settlement for our client’s pain and suffering. We consider that another hard-fought victory for our clients.

Fractures and bone breaks can be a common consequence of a slip-and-fall accident at a restaurant, grocery store or local retailer. By pursuing these claims, we can get needed compensation for our clients to recover. We can also make stores and restaurants safer for the public as dangerous conditions are repaired.

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