Join Dean Weitzman Of MyPhillyLawyer Weekly For Court Radio, Now Available On Philadelphia’s Old School 100.3 FM, Hot 107.9 and on Praise 103.9

Court Radio now brings the legal news to Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley on three Philadelphia radio stations on the Radio One Network.

(Philadelphia, PA) – Each week, attorneys Dean Weitzman and David M. Rapoport take to the Philadelphia airwaves to answer legal questions from callers throughout Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Every Sunday at 7 am since January 2009, listeners have been able to tune into Old School 100.3 FM, formerly WRNB, to join the conversation. Court Radio is pleased to announce that listeners can now also find the show on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 and Praise 103.9.

Philadelphia attorneys Dean Weitzman and David Rapoport recently discussed the George Zimmerman case and jury verdict in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Court Radio had the honor of hosting Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sabrina Fulton, in-studio to discuss justice for Trayvon as well as relief for families who have lost loved ones to violence in Philadelphia and throughout the United States.

In its continuing quest to bring the legal news to Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, Court Radio also recently hosted James Bain of Florida. Bain was released from prison after serving 35 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Through the work of the Innocence Project of Florida, Bain was exonerated using DNA evidence.

Listeners are invited and encouraged to actively participate in the weekly radio show broadcasts by asking their own legal questions of seasoned lawyers Dean Weitzman and David Rapoport or by calling to weigh in on the episode’s hot topic. Questions can be submitted via [email protected] or by calling 215-263-1003 during the Court Radio broadcast.

If you are a loyal member of our listening audience, thank you for joining Court Radio. If you have not yet tuned in for an episode, you can find Court Radio on Old School 100.3, Hot 107.9 and Praise 103.9 every Sunday morning or you can listen to any of the show’s archived episodes here. For those outside Court Radio’s listening area, the program is also available in podcast format.

The weekly tri-channel broadcast of Court Radio is brought to you by the Pennsylvania law firm at MyPhillyLawyer. MyPhillyLawyer offers guidance and legal representation to anyone seriously injured by another in an accident, due to negligent conduct or because of intentional wrongful conduct, anywhere in the United States.

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