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By the time you know about a criminal case against you, you’re already running to catch up. Whether you’re being questioned, facing arrest, or hearing criminal charges, police and prosecutors have already singled you out. They’ve already begun building a case – a case you must not race to understand and defend yourself against.

Aggressive Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight to Protect Your Rights

Don’t run this race alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney is your best ally against criminal charges. Your attorney will fight to protect your legal rights, build a strong case on your behalf, and work toward the best possible outcome.

Common Criminal Charges in Doylestown

As the county seat of Bucks County, Doylestown is also the home of the Bucks County Justice Center. This building houses the county’s courts, which means it also hears many criminal cases that arise in Doylestown and surrounding areas.

According to data from the Pennsylvania Crime Reporting System, Bucks County has a lower crime rate than its neighboring counties. The most recent data shows a rate of 3.98 crimes per 1,000 residents in Bucks County, compared to 5.79 in Montgomery County, 11.89 in Berks County, and 29.18 in Philadelphia County.

A low crime rate in Doylestown and surrounding Bucks County doesn’t mean that no one faces charges – or experiences arrest. In 2018, 2,100 criminal charges were reported in Bucks County. Each of these charges represents a person who met a risk of serious consequences that could disrupt their entire life.

Types of crimes tracked by the CRS data include:

  • Property crimes. Theft, burglary, breaking, vandalism, and other crimes that result in damaged or lost property fall into this category.
  • Substance-related crimes. These crimes involve illegal substances, like drugs and alcohol. Crimes in this category range from possessing an illegal substance to driving while drunk or dealing drugs.
  • Violent crimes. Violent crimes include arson, assault, domestic violence, rape, and robbery. They also have attempted to commit any of these acts.

Other types of crimes are also included in the CRS data. Crimes involving juveniles, for instance, are tracked, although many juvenile cases are handled differently than crimes by adults.

Every criminal charge carries with it the risk of conviction and penalties. Penalties for a crime are set by state or federal law. They vary according to the crime’s severity, whether you have a prior record or other factors. Fighting criminal charges can be extremely difficult without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Why You Need to Exercise Your Right to an Attorney

If you’re facing a criminal case, you may question whether or not you need a lawyer. Hiring an attorney can feel unnecessary, especially if you’re confident you are innocent (or guilty).

In nearly all criminal cases, the costs of hiring an experienced defense lawyer are far lower than those of a criminal conviction. Here’s why everyone charged with a crime needs and deserves professional representation.

You can’t be certain a court will find you guilty.

You may feel as if your guilt is a done deal. You may be certain the police and prosecutors have an “open and shut” case against you. Yet you may not have all the facts – or be thinking about all the legal requirements of proving guilt.

Every crime is made up of one or more elements. To win a conviction, a prosecutor must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt on any aspect is enough to prevent a conviction.

Your attorney knows the elements of each charge you face. Your attorney also knows how to argue for reasonable doubt on each part. These arguments often result in reduced charges, dropped charges, or acquittals at trial.

You can only sometimes see when your rights have been violated.

The federal and state constitutions contain specific rights for those charged with a crime. To get a conviction, police, and prosecutors must not only establish each element of each charge beyond a reasonable doubt. They must also do so without violating any of your constitutional rights.

The Constitution states defendants’ rights in very broad terms. It does this because it needs to apply to every situation involving criminal charges. However, using those rights to specific charges like the ones you face becomes a detailed, complex job.

Your attorney has the education and experience to understand those details. Your lawyer can help ensure your rights are respected. If police or prosecutors violate your rights, your lawyer can work to repair the damage, prevent illegal evidence from being used against you, and hold police and prosecutors accountable.

Your attorney knows the judicial system.

Criminal defendants have the legal right to represent themselves in court. However, the court expects you to follow the same rules as any experienced attorney – including the prosecutor, whose job is to prove the charges against you.

For many people, a criminal charge is their first exposure to the judicial system. Learning to navigate the system while facing the stress of criminal charges is a heavy burden. Your attorney reduces this burden while maximizing your chances for an optimal outcome.

Your attorney knows the court staff.

Court staff and judges strive to do their jobs impartially. Yet the fact remains: It is easier to navigate conversations, schedule appointments, and get things done when everyone involved already knows one another.

When you hire an attorney with experience working in Doylestown, you gain an ally already familiar with the Bucks County courts. Your lawyer knows how to ask specific court staff and judges for scheduling changes, paperwork, and other essentials.

Your attorney can save things more valuable than money.

It may seem backward to say that spending more on a lawyer will save you money. Yet, in many criminal cases, this is precisely what happens.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers can fight for the best possible outcome in your case. They go beyond the question of “guilty or innocent?” to look at all the possible results in your case and how each might affect your life.

Your defense attorney can help you protect valuable parts of your life, including:

  • Your career. Certain criminal convictions prevent the convicted person from holding some types of jobs. Your lawyer can fight to allow you to stay on your career path.
  • Your professional license. For many professionals, losing your license means the end of your career – and all the effort that went into it. Your attorney can help you preserve that effort.
  • Your family. Some criminal charges come with protective orders. Some convictions can prevent the convicted person from seeing their children or living in a particular area. Your defense attorney can work to keep your family intact.
  • Your liberty. Imprisonment is a common punishment for crime because it deprives people of so much that they value, from time spent with friends and family to the freedom to choose what they eat for dinner. There is no price tag one can put on liberty.

Your attorney can work to reduce your losses even while your case proceeds. A favorable result in a bond hearing, for instance, can allow you to go to work and take care of your home instead of sitting in jail while you await your court date.

Your lawyer can help you feel less powerless.

Criminal charges are intensely stressful. Yet the best outcome in your case often requires you to avoid conversations with friends or family – precisely the people who care about you and help you manage stress in other areas of your life.

Your attorney knows what you’re facing. Experienced criminal defense lawyers have seen cases like yours before. They know what stress these charges place on people in your position. By working with your lawyer, you can take constructive steps toward protecting your rights, fighting the charges, and securing your future. You can talk about your case and discuss what outcomes you’d like to see.

When you know what you need to do and have the support to do it, you can regain control over your life. You and your lawyer are a team. You can be at the mercy of the court.

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