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If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, a Bensalem personal injury lawyer from MyPhillyLawyer can help you seek compensation for your injuries. 

At MyPhillyLawyer, we know the value of your claim according to the injuries sustained. We understand what it takes to seek compensation for your injuries and how to help you recover. 

While we strive to settle with an insurance company, we are ready and able to take a case to trial if the defendants do not want to settle out of court. We also deal with insurance companies who want you to settle your claim too early, file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out, and can sue multiple parties. An accident survivor cannot.

Pennsylvania Crash Statistics

In 2022, Pennsylvania reported 115,938 collisions that claimed the lives of 1,179 people and caused 67,012 injuries. This is an average of roughly 318 accidents a day, or approximately 13 collisions every hour. Every day three individuals die in a crash, representing one death every 8 hours. Daily, 183 people are injured in crashes, which equals about seven injuries every hour.

Overall, one out of every 45 people are involved in a collision, one out of every 12,089 people die, and one out of every 168 people is injured in a crash. Not all personal injury accidents result in death. They may result in serious or catastrophic injuries. 

National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) statistics reveal 5.5 million car crashes nationwide every year. Those collisions result in at least 3 million injuries and 40,000 deaths.

What Is a Personal Injury?

Any broken limb, wound, amputation, harm, or disfigurement is a “personal injury.” Most are sustained after an accident of some type. The key element in recovering compensation for those personal injuries is “negligence.”

To win a negligence claim, the plaintiff proves four elements showing the defendant acted negligently. Those elements are:

  • Duty – defendant owed a legal duty of care to the plaintiff
  • Breach of duty – the defendant breached that duty 
  • Causation – the defendant’s actions/inaction caused the plaintiff’s injuries
  • Damages – plaintiff was directly harmed by defendant’s actions/inaction

What Is an Accident in Bensalem Worth?

Most survivors of an accident in Bensalem do not know how much their injuries are worth. While they may get a general idea by using a personal injury calculator, the dollar range is only an estimate. Settling insurance claims depends on a variety of factors, such as how serious the accident was, what injuries were sustained, how serious they are, whether they have a good chance of healing or are life-altering, the facts of the case itself, and whether or not egregious negligence was involved. 

Retaining a Bensalem personal injury attorney to handle your accident case increases the odds of a bigger settlement. A lawyer knows how to leverage the law in favor of the plaintiff. Insurance companies do not like a plaintiff hiring legal representation, as it could mean going to trial if they are not offering a fair and equitable settlement. Going to court can mean an award much higher than what the company tries to offer as a settlement. 

Concerning a car accident in Bensalem, Pennsylvania follows the doctrine of choice no-fault insurance. This means two things for drivers involved in a crash: if you have limited tort coverage, you are not eligible for damages for suffering and pain. If you have full tort coverage, you are eligible for compensation for pain and suffering.

Hiring a Bensalem personal injury attorney to be your voice in an accident case means not getting handed the short shrift by an insurance company wanting to diminish or deny your claim.

Personal Injury Claims Are Civil Litigation

Civil litigation, or taking a case to trial, happens when two or more parties seek compensation for a negligent act that caused injuries. Litigating a personal injury claim means the case is heard by a judge or jury to settle the dispute. Another option available to settle a personal injury lawsuit is mediation with the intent of settling out-of-court. Car accidents are where there are a significant number of claims filed. However, a personal injury claim is not limited to car crashes. It can involve motorcycles, trucks, big rigs, dog bites, pedestrian accidents, and medical malpractice.

In every lawsuit or personal injury claim, there are two issues involved – damages and the fault or responsibility of the defendant. If the defendant is responsible for the damages, what are they, and how serious are they? Can the plaintiff prove the defendant was liable and responsible for damages? If they can, the plaintiff is usually awarded compensation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the death tally from unintentional and preventable accidents, such as car accidents, results in 466 deaths a day in the U.S. 2017 was a bad year and the death total was 169,936.

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