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Injured in a Texting and Driving Crash?

We see them everywhere. Drivers on their cellphones, doing their makeup, eating lunch, texting and driving, even reading the newspaper. Ask any of these drivers if distracted driving is dangerous and they will probably tell you that it is — but they are “better drivers than everyone else.”*

Distracted driving has become a way of life, an epidemic. The dangers are too great to ignore. In 2011, distracted driving caused more than 3,000 traffic fatalities and was responsible for 18 percent of all injury crashes.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a distracted driving accident, you can hold the distracted driver accountable through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. At MyPhillyLawyer, our Philadelphia accident lawyers have many years of experience fighting for accident victims in lawsuit settlement conferences and in court. We are well-known by insurance companies, trial court judges and opposing counsel for our aggressive and dedicated representation of Pennsylvania car accident victims.

Examples of Distracted Driving

Texting while driving is one of the prime culprits, but distracted driving comes in many forms. Other distractions that cause accidents include:

  • Talking on a cellphone while driving
  • Reaching for an object in the car
  • Applying makeup
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Looking at an event outside of the car

It is, of course, easier to prove that a driver was texting while driving than it is to prove that his or her attention was focused on something outside of the car, but our texting and driving injury attorneys can work with accident investigators and other experts to help you prove fault and recover for your injuries.

Holding PA Distracted Drivers Accountable

Our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania law firm believes in doing its part to fight distracted driving and find answers for the victims of distracted driving accidents. But we also understand that you face mounting medical bills, income loss and other financial challenges. That is why we do more than just offer a free consultation; in fact, you won’t pay us a dime until you recover compensation for your injuries.

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*In a survey, 97 percent of teenagers said that texting while driving is dangerous, but 43 percent of those teenagers admitted to texting while driving in the past month.

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