Attorney Dean Weitzman Of MyPhillyLawyer Discusses SEPTA Crashes Resulting In Serious Injury To Philadelphia Residents

SEPTA Drivers Cheating Red Lights And Stop Signs One Reason For Injuries Says Attorney Weitzman

During a recent segment on FOX 29, personal injury attorney Dean Weitzman of MyPhillyLawyer discussed how reckless bus drivers put countless lives in danger by ignoring traffic signals throughout Philadelphia. “Drivers need to understand and really appreciate that they have 50 souls in their hands every trip they take,” commented Weitzman.

That number doesn’t include other drivers and their passengers, pedestrians and cyclists who share the Philly roadways with SEPTA buses, SEPTA tandem buses, tour buses and trolley buses. SEPTA buses range from 40 to 60 feet in length and can weigh up to 30 tons. With buses that size, bus passengers and others sharing the road with SEPTA buses are very likely to be seriously or fatally injured if involved in a SEPTA bus accident.

SEPTA drivers may be doing more to cause bus accidents and injuries than to prevent them. In 2011, 145 drivers were caught running red lights on red light cameras across Philadelphia. FOX 29 reported seeing a bus ignore a red light or drive through a yellow light at every intersection it monitored for its segment on Philly bus accidents. In fact, in only an hour and a half outside the FOX 29 offices at 4th and Market, a tour bus ran a red light, a Trolley Works bus fails to slow down for a yellow light, three SEPTA buses and a Greyhound crossed during a stale yellow light and two SEPTA tandem buses, stretching 60 feet, rolled through separate yellow lights.

Despite a “comprehensive training system” for SEPTA bus drivers, according to SEPTA’s Chief Surface Transportation Officer Mike Liberi, SEPTA drivers are consistently cheating red lights and putting drivers and others at risk of serious injury. Philadelphia resident Elvie Hill understands all too well the consequences of reckless bus drivers. He was injured two years ago when the driver of the SEPTA bus he was riding on tried to avoid a taxi by braking suddenly. 82-year-old Hill was seriously injured when he was thrown against supports inside the bus. Attorney Dean Weitzman is helping Hill get the compensation he needs from SEPTA to recover from his injuries.

Intersection bus accidents throughout Philadelphia are avoidable. Injuries caused by bus drivers racing through stop lights can and should be prevented. Holding SEPTA and its drivers accountable for the injuries caused by reckless bus driving on Philadelphia streets may help prevent injury to other Philly residents.

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