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After a serious personal injury from a car accident, slip-and-fall, dog bite or other personal injury, you will probably have significant medical expenses. But you may question why to pursue compensation from the person who was responsible for your injury – particularly if that person is a relative, friend or local business owner. Some accident victims may feel that while the accident was clearly another person’s fault, the victims do not want to start a dispute with the responsible party as it may disrupt the family or friendship. In many cases, however, a claim can be made against the responsible party’s insurer, and any dispute will be with the insurer, not the responsible party. Below, discusses several reasons for pursuing a personal injury claim.

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Medical Expenses and Lost Wages After a Personal Injury

Clearly, compensation for medical expenses and future therapeutic treatment is the primary reason that many accident victims and their families pursue personal injury claims. Hospital, surgery and medication bills may mount in the first few months after an accident. Because the victim may not immediately, or ever, return to work, lost wages compound the problem of paying for immediate medical care and expenses. Medical expenses and lost wages are commonly included in a personal injury claim.

Future Treatment and Therapy for Recovery

Corrective surgery and on-going physical therapy may be necessary depending on the severity of the injury. If a full recovery is not possible, accident victims may have to modify homes for accessibility and hire in-home staff for assistance with daily activities. Vocational rehabilitation may be necessary before an accident victim return to the job, and job retraining may be necessary if the injured person can no longer perform the functions of his or her occupation.

Pain and Suffering, and Emotional Damages

Some states permit personal injury victims or their family members to include amounts in their claim that relate to pain and suffering or emotional damages such as loss of consortium. Not all states allow these types of claims, however, so it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Preventing Future Accidents

Prevention of future accidents, injuries and wrongful deaths may be one reason for pursuing a claim that victims and their families initially overlook. In fact, preventing future accidents and enhancing public safety is one main reason that courts in the United States have encouraged personal injury litigation and class actions. The case may be as simple as suing a restaurant owner to repair a dangerous sidewalk on the premises to prevent slip-and-fall injuries. Or, it could be as complex as litigating against a hospital to show that inadequate staffing in an emergency room has led to ER mistakes and delays in diagnosis of injuries. Perhaps an injury occurred because of dangerous conditions at a construction site. Workplace accidents are often preventable, and as with all personal injury litigation, a claim against the responsible party or the insurer is usually the incentive needed to correct the dangerous condition.


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