Accomplishing More Than Fair Compensation

Sometimes MyPhillyLawyer accomplishes more than getting fair compensation for our clients or their family.

Recently, we handled a tragic medical malpractice case where a hospital allowed their nursing staff to pull extra shifts where the hospital had openings in their nursing shifts. A nurse with no triage experience signed up to work in the Emergency Department and in fact ended up as that shift’s triage nurse.

With no formal triage training that nurse allowed a 48 year old woman to remain in the registration area without any care whatsoever. The patient stayed in registration for nearly 8 hours until what was a very treatable condition became so serious that the patient seized and eventually died.

While we were instrumental in getting the family millions of dollars in compensation, we also got that hospital to thereafter forbid unqualified nurses from ever again manning the triage station in their emergency department. In effect, MyPhillyLawyer has helped to make that hospital safer for all the other Philadelphians using that hospital’s facilities. These are definitely the rewards of practicing personal injury law in Philadelphia.