The Attorneys Of Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C. MyPhillyLawyer, Remind Vacationers To Consider Additional Medical Coverage When Traveling Abroad

April 17th, 2024

Stay safe while traveling

By Dean I Weitzman, Esq.


Stay Safe And Have Fun While Traveling And Carefully Consider Any ‘Extras’ Or Sidetrips

The personal injury lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer have helped individuals throughout Greater Philadelphia who have been injured by the negligence or bad act of another. We understand the emotional, physical and financial costs of serious and fatal injuries and urge you and your family to be prepared if you are heading abroad over the summer months.

Talk to your health insurance provider before heading for the airport. Ask whether your coverage applies when you are outside of your home area and outside of the country. Ask if a medical evacuation, if necessary, is covered under your current plan. If it’s not, you should consider supplemental insurance, through your own provider or another medical insurance provider.

Do your homework. Not all insurance providers are made equal. Some may offer better coverage at a more affordable rate; others may not offer coverage or the type of coverage you want for your destination.

If you plan to rent a car or other motorized vehicle, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting. If you are in an accident, you may be held responsible. In some countries, even if it is not your fault, you may be responsible. The State Department maintains country by country descriptions of applicable laws, useful safety tips and any current travel warnings and is a good safety reference prior to travelling abroad.

Last but not least, if you are taking any side excursions, consider who is responsible for ensuring the safety of participants. Do not assume that safety standards that are commonplace in the United States are in force in the country that you visit. An abundance of caution may save you an abundance of pain, suffering and heartache.

If you are injured or in an accident while you are overseas, our personal injury attorneys may be able to help once you have returned to Pennsylvania. If you are having trouble with your insurance provider, contact MyPhillyLawyer at (866) 352-4572.

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