Florida Motorcyclist Receives $900K Settlement in Trash Truck Crash

As he headed to work in Tallahassee, Fla., on Oct. 2, 2009 on his motorcycle, Mark Sawicki was run over by a garbage truck that was making a right turn at Call and Monroe streets. The garbage truck had made a right turn in the spot where he was waiting at a stoplight, crushing him and breaking more than 20 bones in Sawicki’s body, according to a June 12 story by WCTV Channel 2 television in Tallahassee.

Now Sawicki is getting an additional $700,000 settlement in connection with the crash after the state Legislature approved a measure that increased the amount of money being paid to the plaintiff over the state’s liability limits, the story reported. He previously had received an initial $200,000 settlement back in February 2012 with the stipulation that another $700,000 would also be paid to him following eventual approval from the state Legislature. The two payments total $900,000 in damages he is receiving.

Sawicki, a state engineer who formerly ran marathons and was a competitive cyclist and triathlete before being struck, had to re-learn how to walk, run and ride his bicycle after being seriously injured in the crash, the story reported. “Running is very difficult and very, very, very slow, and I do it seldom anymore, but I still do it,” he told the television station.

The City of Tallahassee allegedly admitted responsibility for the crash, according to a June 11 report by The Famuan, a student newspaper at Florida A&M University. The crash victim suffered severe injuries due to the incident, including a crushed pelvis, a broken right leg and internal injuries, and has faced more than $250,000 in medical expenses so far, the story reported.

It took some five-and-a-half years for Sawicki to be fully compensated for his serious injuries from the crash, and meanwhile his pain and suffering are ongoing as his healing and recovery continue. The legal fight for his compensation was only completed after the Florida Legislature completed its work in approving the full settlement in the case.

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