These days, car accidents in Philadelphia are far too common, and too many people are badly injured or die in crashes.

Unmasking the Disturbing Frequency of Car Accidents in Philadelphia

No one leaves their home expecting to get into an accident. No one expects they may finish what started to be a good day in the hospital because they were involved in a collision. No one leaves home thinking this may be their last day. 

These days, car accidents in Philadelphia are far too common, and too many people are badly injured or die in crashes. This is not just a state problem. It spans the nation, and every year, the crash statistics increase. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2021 was a difficult year for many American families who lost a loved one in a vehicle crash.

The NHTSA estimates that 42,915 Americans died in collisions in 2021 – a 10.5 percent increase over 2020, with 38,824 traffic deaths. Also, in 2021, there were roughly 102.7 billion miles of travel in the State. In 2022, there were 115,938 accidents in Pennsylvania that claimed the lives of 1,179 people and injured another 67,012. Although the death rate in highway crashes was high, for 2022, it was the fourth lowest recorded for Pennsylvania since 1935.

Every day in Pennsylvania, there are 318 crashes, which translates to roughly 13 collisions every hour. Every day, three people are killed, or roughly one death every 7 hours. Accidents do not always result in deaths, but there are typically serious injuries, depending on the nature of the crash. According to PennDOT’s most recent report, there are 184 people injured in crashes every day, or roughly eight injuries every hour.

The State of Pennsylvania reported a population of 12,972,008 people in 2022, and when those numbers are correlated to the number of traffic crashes, they translate to one out of every 51 people were in a collision. Additionally, one out of every 11,003 died in a crash, and one out of every 194 was injured in a wreck.

Drive Safe and Get Home Alive is more than just a campaign slogan, more than just a wish, and more than just a way to raise awareness of the carnage on the highways in Pennsylvania.

Uncovering the Typical Reasons for Car Accidents in Philadelphia

Exploring the intricacies of road safety and accident prevention is crucial in understanding the dynamics behind car collisions. In bustling cities like Philadelphia, where traffic congestion and diverse driving behaviors coexist, identifying the typical reasons for car accidents can become difficult. Philly car accidents can occur due to the following: 

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Philadelphia Car Crash Injuries: What You Need to Know

Each Philadelphia car wreck is different, as are the injuries involved for the survivors, and sometimes, a driver does not make it home in the aftermath of a collision.

The most common injuries sustained in a Philadelphia collision include, but are not limited to:

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