A Settlement Doesn’t Have To Mean Settling

May 21st, 2024

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By Dean I Weitzman, Esq.


Injury survivors and the families of wrongful death victims all have one thing in common no matter the details of their case: they have a right to collect financial compensation for the damages they have suffered.

In most cases, this compensation is obtained in the form of a settlement reached with the insurance company of the negligent party or a jury award that provides funds for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and other damages.

There are pros and cons to both settlements and jury awards, most of which deal with cost. Litigation is not cheap. Spending time preparing for a trial and then arguing a case in court can result in a tremendous amount of legal fees and related costs. That is why litigation is only advisable when a favorable settlement cannot be reached. If a case does not meet the threshold where litigation becomes financially worth it, a settlement is the best option for preserving as large a recovery as possible for the survivors.

But a settlement should not be a settlement in the sense of settling on what you deserve and what your family needs. As you consider your legal options, make sure you have a lawyer who will take your case seriously and pursue all available options for maximizing your compensation, whether that can be accomplished through a settlement or a trial becomes necessary.

Preparing Every Case For The Possibility Of Trial Is The Key

How can a firm maximize the settlement offers they receive from the insurance companies? Simple: by having a track record of building strong cases and being prepared to go to trial to get what their clients deserve.

When the insurance company knows that a firm will come to settlement negotiations fully prepared to take their case to trial, the settlement offer is likely to be higher in order to avoid the expense of trial. This works well for all involved, providing the survivors with the compensation they deserve while avoiding the stress and expense of a long trial.

Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, harmed by a defective product, or lost a loved one in a tragedy, it is crucial to have an understanding of what your case is worth. The first step toward getting the compensation you deserve – whether that comes in the form of a settlement or jury award – is having an attorney who is willing to put forth the effort necessary to make it happen.

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