Birth injuries often result from delivery room errors. Improper fetal monitoring can lead to oxygen deprivation that can result in Cerebral Palsy and other injuries. Additionally, failure to take preventative action when warning signs appear indicating a breach or a risk for shoulder dystocia can lead to serious injuries to mother and child.

How Our Legal Team Helps

MyPhillyLawyer exposes negligence on the part of nurses, doctors, and attending medical staff that results in serious delivery room failures and errors. Our attorneys consult medical experts in analyzing and evaluating the actions of doctors and nurses in order to expose mistakes and negligence that leads to birth injuries and medical complications.

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Securing Your Child’s Future

Most delivery room mistakes result in disabling birth injuries. Especially in cases involving hypoxic injuries, children face a lifetime of medical care and special needs. In order to ensure our clients are prepared for the future, our attorneys assist clients in creating special needs trusts for the financial security of their child. We can explain the issues associated with fiduciary responsibility and the steps you can take to protect your child’s special needs trust from financial mismanagement.

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Doctors and hospitals will often claim there was nothing they could do to prevent certain complications or injuries. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to expose delivery room failures and negligence that cause injury and serious medical complications.

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