Fetal Distress and Fetal Monitoring

When Providers Fail to Perform Adequate Monitoring Fetal Distress During Labor

During pregnancy and especially during the birthing process itself, the medical staff is responsible for detecting and promptly responding to fetal distress. Failure to monitor an unborn baby according to acceptable standards may result in a permanently disabled child.

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Fetal Monitoring Has Reduced Infant Injuries, But …

Fetal monitoring was developed in the 1970s with goal of reducing the incidence of prolonged distress and cerebral palsy. Of course, monitoring only works if the monitoring unit is properly calibrated and the medical provider interprets the information provided correctly. There are now a variety of different types of fetal monitors and protocols used for monitoring, each depending on the circumstances. The bottom line remains: Application and interpretation of monitoring must be done correctly. Otherwise, rather than reducing the chances of birth injuries, improperly done monitoring can actually increase those chances.

When a birth injury case involves issues of fetal monitoring, our team meticulously examines all data obtained during labor and delivery to determine if an emergency C-section should have been performed. We investigate all other possible negligent actions on the part of the medical staff involved.

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