Umbilical Cord Complication

Complications During Delivery: Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord provides blood, oxygen and other life-sustaining support to an unborn baby. Umbilical cord complications such as a knot or tear can lead to brain damage, premature birth and even death for the baby or mother. When doctors and nurses fail to properly monitor the mother and baby, accidents can occur with disastrous results.

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Consequences of Umbilical Cord Complications

Our firm provides the background and resources to address the complexities of birth injury cases. We offer caring and skilled help in umbilical cord complication cases involving:

  • Abruption — placenta and umbilical cord become detached before birth
  • Knotted or kinked — occurs during excessive movement in early pregnancy
  • Cord compression — baby leans on the umbilical cord
  • Stretched or strained — umbilical cord is not long enough or is caught
  • Entangled or entrapped — cord is wrapped around baby’s neck or limbs
  • Premature clamping — cord is cut and clamped before blood flow has ceased

Many umbilical cord complications can be detected through ultrasound scans and similar techniques. Careful fetal monitoring during birth is vital to determining whether the baby is in distress.

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