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Everyone has a legal right to experienced defense counsel, no matter what the case involves. After a DUI arrest you may wonder, “What kind of a defense can I raise?” There are plausible defenses in a DUI/DAI case, however, and with the help of an experienced lawyer, you can determine an effective defense strategy for your case. Contact the seasoned trial lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer, for aggressive representation in Pennsylvania.

Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense Strategy

Every case has unique factors. Our drunk driving defense attorneys quickly analyze your case and determine an effective way to move forward. Depending on the facts involved in your case, the following may be possible defenses to your drunk driving charges:

  • Field sobriety tests : Field sobriety tests are subjective tests where the officer’s opinion is the only measure for passing or failing the test. Was the officer properly trained in the particular tests administered? Which roadside tests were performed? What were the conditions under which the tests were performed (uneven road, poor weather, extreme stress, etc.)
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) : Breathalyzer machines can render inaccurate readings, especially if the breathalyzer was improperly calibrated or maintained. Likewise, there can be deficiencies in urine analysis and blood test analysis that would result in false BAC results. We can work with forensic experts to explain these deficiencies in court and explain why your readings may be inaccurate. Additionally, if the BAC tests do not follow state rules and procedures, the results can be withheld from evidence.
  • Probable cause: Was there probable cause for the stop or the arrest? If the officer did not have probable cause for the traffic stop or for the DUI arrest, then any evidence obtained after that fact (BAC results, confessions, etc.) should be suppressed from the record.
  • Miranda Rights: Were Miranda warnings given? Illegally obtained confessions can be withheld from the record.
  • Implied consent: Did the officer warn you of the consequences of breath test refusal? It may be possible to challenge the automatic license suspension.

With the help of an experienced DUI lawyer, you may be capable of getting charges reduced or even dismissed — especially if the case is weakened by getting evidence suppressed from the record.

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