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You’ve been arrested for drunk driving and have been told you should hire a lawyer. But do you really need a lawyer in this type of case? Yes, the case can be handled without an attorney. You will likely have much better results, however, with the help of an experienced DUI lawyer on your side?

Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

  • Knowledge of the law and court process: A skilled lawyer not only is familiar with Pennsylvania DUI/DAI laws, but also the procedures followed in specific counties. We are no strangers to the courtroom and can use this to your benefit.
  • Knowledge of possible DUI defenses: People often think that they can talk themselves out of DUI charges. But this is not a mere speeding ticket. DUI/DAI charges are serious and anything you say to the police is probably having the opposite effect of what you think — it will be used to develop a stronger case against you for drunk driving. An experienced DUI lawyer, however, knows the defenses that are effective in getting charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Familiarity with testing procedures: An experienced DUI attorney has comprehensive understanding of the procedures used for chemical BAC tests in a DUI case. With a lawyer on your side, there is someone who is actively advocating for your interests by scrutinizing testing procedures and results and questioning reliability of the mechanisms by which the evidence was collected.
  • Experience with Pennsylvania DOT: In most cases, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will suspend your driving privileges following a DUI arrest. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can request a hearing on the matter and fight to retain your driving privileges. In most cases, an attorney can at a minimum get an occupational limited license for you.
  • Experience, skill, and reputation: When it comes time to negotiate with prosecutors about your case, opposing counsel is much more likely to work with an attorney they know and trust than with the defendant. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators that are well known for our commitment to our client and our ability to resolve cases as favorably as possible based upon the facts.

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In Pennsylvania, DUI/DAI charges can result in serious penalties, from jail time and fines to other DWI consequences, like license suspension and raised insurance rates, even for first time offenders. Can you afford not to hire an experienced DUI lawyer? Let us fight for your rights and future. Contact the DUI lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer.com today to discuss your case.

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