Power Of Attorney

What will happen if at some point in your life, you become incapable of making health care decisions for yourself? No one anticipates a car accident, sudden illness, or other major event to change their life, however, life happens when you least expect it. Without the proper documentation in place, will your wishes be followed?

The estate planning lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer.com, can help you with all of your estate planning needs, including naming specific agents to make such important decisions on your behalf in the future, if necessary.

Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

A durable power of attorney for health care grants a named agent ā€” someone you choose ā€” the authority to make decisions regarding your health care and personal care in the event that you become incapable of making such decisions for yourself, such as in the event of incapacity. This includes the authority to make decisions regarding:

  • Hospital or nursing home admission
  • Home health care
  • Medical treatments
  • Life-sustaining care
  • Other important health care decisions

Helping You Ensure Your Wishes are Followed

The person named as your power of attorney for health care will be granted the authority to make many important decisions on your behalf when you cannot make your wishes known. Therefore, it is important to discuss your wishes with this individual. In the event that certain wishes are not discussed and your agent does not know your preferences, he or she must determine what is in your best interests. Therefore, selecting a person with similar beliefs as yourself may be important to you.

The estate planning attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer can help you fully understand powers of attorney and other estate planning documents. We can guide you to make informed decisions regarding your future health care and estate planning needs. Because quality service is our number one priority, we always strive to provide personalized assistance, focusing on your goals.

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