Wills And Will Contest

Making Sure Your Wishes are Followed

Do you know how you would like your property to be distributed to your beneficiaries? Unless you are comfortable with the state making these important decisions — through Pennsylvania’s intestate laws, the creation of a will is the only way for your wishes to be followed.

MyPhillyLawyer, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides quality estate planning services to assist clients with the creation of a last will and testament. Additionally, the firm helps family members resolve will contests and other estate disputes. Contact us to learn more about our estate planning services.

Wills: Simple and Complex

Without a will, the state will determine how assets are distributed to heirs. In most cases, this means that a spouse will receive 50 percent of the estate and the children will each receive an equal share of the remaining 50 percent of the estate. In estates where there are no children, the spouse will receive 100 percent of the estate, if there is no will. If you have other thoughts on distributing inheritance, you need an estate plan.

The estate planning attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer.com can assist clients with drafting carefully thought out wills based upon their unique goals and needs. Whether you need a complex last will and testament, containing trusts and naming guardians for minor children, or simply need to name beneficiaries for a small amount of assets, we can assist you.

Will Contests

One of the most emotional issues after the death of a loved one involves disputes among family members. Our lawyers strive to create estate plans that avoid confusion. But if language is ambiguous, if a family member is cut out of the will, or if there is a question regarding the decedent’s state of mind, will disputes or inheritance disputes may arise. We strive to swiftly resolve these issues so that the decedent’s final wishes are followed and our clients can move on.

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