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When Doctors Make Big Mistakes, Who Pays the Price?

A delayed or wrong diagnosis of cancer means patients miss the opportunity to have the disease treated in its earliest stages, when treatment is most effective.

Fast Facts:

Get regular cancer screenings. Don’t put off regular screenings for breast cancer and prostate cancer. If screening tests show you are cancer free, keep up with all recommended testing. These tests allow doctors to look for any changes from previous test results.

Who’s reading the films from your cancer screenings? Many are outsourced to doctors in India.

If you suspect malpractice, contact an attorney early in the process. There is a two-year statute of limitation for filing a medical malpractice claim. Before a claim can be filed, another doctor in the same specialty must review your medical records and certify that malpractice occurred. This takes time. If you wait until the deadline is near, you may lose your ability to pursue legal action.

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Failure to Diagnose Treatable Cancers A failure to diagnosis cancer can mean readily treatable cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer are not caught until they spread to other areas of the body.

Improper Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer An incorrect diagnosis robs patients of the ability to fight the disease when the odds are in their favor.

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