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According to reports from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Institute of Medicine, up to 100,000 people die from preventable hospital errors every year, and as many as one in three patients is harmed by care received in the hospital. To the hospital error attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer, those numbers are simply atrocious.

We believe hospitals should be held accountable when they cause injury to patients, and one of the only ways to do so is through hospital malpractice lawsuits. Were you injured during your stay at a hospital? Did you lose a loved one to a hospital error? Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced hospital malpractice attorney. Call 215-227-2727.

Experienced at Holding Hospitals Accountable for Medical Negligence

Our team of injury attorneys is experienced at holding hospitals accountable when their practices cause serious injury. We handle cases involving a wide range of hospital errors, including:

One of the first questions we will ask in your case is: Who is responsible? A fact that could surprise you is that many doctors are not hospital employees. Rather, they contract with hospitals and carry their own medical malpractice insurance. Thus, if a doctor’s negligence causes an injury, the hospital may not be accountable.

There are many cases, however, in which a hospital is directly liable. For example, if a hospital does not do enough to protect against hospital-acquired infections (a principal cause of hospital deaths), it may be liable for the injuries and deaths caused by those infections.

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Hospitals have been slow to improve patient safety and may even have financial incentives to avoid safety reforms. By bringing a lawsuit against the hospital that harmed you or a loved one, you may be able to do more than recover fair compensation for your injuries; you may be able to force the hospital to take another look at its safety policies and take action to prevent future injuries. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced hospital malpractice attorney at MyPhillyLawyer, contact us today.

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