Misdiagnosis of a Stroke

Symptoms of a stroke include aneurysms, dizziness, radiating pain, breathlessness, loss of speech and anxiety. Emergency room doctors and nurses are trained to recognize the signs so they can take proper action to minimize long-term damage to the brain and other organs. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes made, and the symptoms of a stroke are misdiagnosed or dismissed as headaches or even hysteria.

Did your physician fail to order the necessary tests to diagnose a stroke? Did long wait times or understaffing contribute to the serious condition or wrongful death of a loved one?

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Failure to Diagnose Strokes and Brain Aneurysms

In a cerebral vascular conditions, such as a brain aneurysm, blood flow is compromised due to weakening of a vessel wall. This allows a bulge to form over time. Eventually, it can result in sudden rupture of the blood vessel. When doctors and ER staff fail to recognize or detect symptoms such as numbness or tingling, severe headaches, or signs of unusual difficulty speaking or walking, a fatal stroke can occur. If a stroke is promptly and correctly diagnosed, lasting damage can often be avoided by administration of blood-thinning or clot-busting medication or other medical treatment.

Misdiagnosis of strokes can lead to serious or fatal consequences. We can help you hold accountable the medical professionals whose job it is to prevent further injury or death.

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