Medication Errors

Can I File a Lawsuit After a Hospital Medication Error?

Were you given a medication despite noting an allergy to it? Did you lose a loved one due to an overdose of pain medication in a hospital? Did you suffer serious illness because of a lethal combination of prescriptions?

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Issues in Negligent Administration of Pain Medication

Our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers have the resources and experience to thoroughly protect your right to seek compensation for medication error malpractice and other disastrous hospital mistakes. We will work closely with established medical experts to determine whether:

  • The wrong drug was prescribed.
  • There was a negligent overdose, double dose or underdose due to a communication failure between doctors and nurses.
  • The doctor failed to take note of a serious prescription allergy.
  • The doctor prescribed a dangerous combination of drugs.
  • Serious Drug Interaction Mistakes

In some situations, a medication error is more complicated than simply a case of the wrong drug being prescribed or administered. Drug interactions and side effects related to the patient’s condition, such as diabetes or pregnancy, can result in serious injury or death. It is the responsibility of the hospital and staff to communicate and keep accurate records to prevent deadly drug interactions.

Tracing the chain of responsibility back to the liable parties can require analysis by talented and respected medical experts. One of the strengths of our firm is that we have the resources to draw upon these experts in support of our clients’ cases. We do not let hospital bureaucracy and shoddy record-keeping stop us from holding those responsible accountable for your medication error injury.

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