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Failure to Correctly Interpret Radiological Reports

Radiological studies are a fundamental diagnostic tool in many branches of medicine, from obstetrics and gynecology to emergency care and oncology. Doctors and patients alike rely upon X-rays, MRIs, mammograms and CT scans to be safe and accurate. Even so, serious mistakes do happen. Radiology errors such as failure to accurately read a test or performing unnecessary or dangerous tests can result in serious injury and even contribute to wrongful death.

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Consequences of Radiological Errors

Hospital mix-ups can lead to a missed fracture on an X-ray. While this may not seem serious at first, this mistake can lead to faulty mending of the bone and potentially to the loss of use of the affected limb. Failure to accurately read a mammogram or other test can lead to the wrong diagnosis, allowing cancerous tumors to metastasize. What was once a treatable condition may now be life-threatening, all because of a radiology error.

Sometimes simply conducting the tests can cause harm. Conducting an X-ray or other radiological study on a woman without first running a pregnancy test can lead to fetal radiation poisoning, birth defects and miscarriage.

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Missed Diagnosis of Cancer on a Routine X-Ray … Is There Liability?

Imagine a case where a patient enters a hospital or doctor’s office with the flu or any other serious but not necessarily life-threatening illness. The treating physician orders a routine chest film to rule out pneumonia. When the test comes back from the lab, the doctor ignores or fails to recognize that the patient’s X-ray shows clear evidence of lung cancer and merely prescribes an antibiotic. After a while, the patient is finally accurately diagnosed, but by now the cancer has become terminal. A family has lost a loved one due to a negligent and easily preventable mistake.

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