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Like every other area of the body, the brain needs oxygen to survive. If not corrected soon enough, lack of oxygen can cause permanent brain damage, coma or death.

The attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer are well known throughout the Philadelphia area. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to recover damages for clients who have suffered brain damage caused by a partial or total lack of oxygen to the brain. We also represent family members of those who died of brain injuries caused by negligence.

Because of our years of experience and success in medical malpractice claims, our Philadelphia brain injury attorneys are well positioned to represent clients in these cases, which demand a high degree of medical knowledge and legal sophistication.

What Are Anoxic and Hypoxic Brain Injuries?

Anoxic brain injuries are those caused by a total lack of oxygen to the brain while hypoxic brain injuries occur when the brain receives an inadequate supply of oxygen. Anoxia and hypoxia can be caused by a wide range of circumstances, from near-drowning accidents to accidental strangulation to birth injuries.

Our Philadelphia lawyers will investigate to determine what caused the injury and who is at fault. We work with certified life care planners to identify all injury-related damages, including past and projected medical and rehabilitation expenses, loss of income, loss of earning capacity and pain and suffering. Then we confidently pursue full compensation for damages.

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Brain injury causing brain damage



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Tractor Trailer collision resulting in death



Tractor Trailer accident resulting in death



Shattered hip - high impact car crash

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