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Sexual assault is a crime, punishable in criminal court. But did you know that victims of sexual assault may have the ability to sue for monetary damages in civil court?

The personal injury attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer seek financial compensation for victims of sexual assault and child sex abuse. We represent clients who were sexually abused, molested or raped by:

  • Day care providers
  • Teachers
  • Priests, ministers or religious leaders and volunteers
  • Scout leaders
  • Nursing home staff or residents
  • Therapists, counselors, physicians and other professionals

Identifying Sources of Compensation

Monetary compensation for victims of sexual assault typically comes from an insurance policy rather than from the individual who committed the assault. We will analyze your case to identify whether the person who assaulted you or your child was covered by an applicable liability insurance policy.

In some cases, the financially responsible party is the day care, school or church that employed the assailant. In other cases, it may be the owner of the parking lot, hotel or apartment building that failed to take adequate security measures.

We may be able to file a claim for damages even if the person who sexually assaulted you was not convicted of the act in criminal court. If he or she was convicted, however, we may be able to seek punitive damages (those meant to punish wrongdoing) in addition to compensatory damages (those meant to pay you back for losses).

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