Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

Complications from gastric bypass surgery can be severe, ranging from post-surgical infection and chronic nausea to abscess and pulmonary embolism. In fact, some evidence suggests that approximately one in 50 gastric bypass surgery patients die within one month of the procedure. That number may increase fivefold if the surgeon is inexperienced.

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You Should Have Been Warned About the Risks

A competent and respected surgeon can be expected to provide straightforward answers to questions about possible complications that can arise from gastric bypass surgery. In fact, surgeons are required to adequately inform potential patients as to the very real risk of serious injury or even death in these procedures.

An inexperienced or negligent doctor may not understand the full risks or be overconfident the surgery will go smoothly. We work closely with medical experts to determine whether your surgeon had the education, qualifications and experience to make sure that proper precautions were taken to prevent complications. If tears, leaking gastric fluids or serious bloodborne infection did occur, we know what it takes to recover full compensation.

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