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Full Tort vs. Limited Tort Threshold

In Pennsylvania, when you purchase insurance, you are given the option of having full tort or limited tort threshold insurance. Many people purchase the limited tort threshold insurance simply because it is cheaper – but then they are involved in an accident and they discover that their limited tort threshold insurance is limiting the right to sue for injuries.

Breaking the Limited Tort Threshold

Depending on the facts of your case and the extent of the injuries involved, however, you may be able to break those tort thresholds and have the benefit of an unlimited right to bring suit. While there are many issues involved in this complex legal matter, it basically boils down to whether you have suffered a serious injury often involving the permanent loss of a bodily function. In these severe cases, the Pennsylvania legislature determined that it would be more of a burden to continue the limitation of the insurance policy.

Lawyers Not Limited by Limited Tort

At MyPhillyLawyer, we have been able to break the limited tort threshold for a number of clients. While nothing can make up for the permanent loss of a bodily function, it does help to have the money to provide for long-term care, adaptive equipment, and modifications to your home if you are in that situation.

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