I was in a pedestrian accident, what should I do?

In Pennsylvania, an average of 4,000 pedestrian accidents occur each year. A person hit by a car may suffer minor or severe injuries. Surviving the impact of the vehicle may cause the victim to feel fear, anxiety or shock. The injured person may not know what they should do after being involved in a pedestrian accident.

Under Pennsylvania law, a driver who has an accident must immediately stop at the scene and, if necessary, render aid to injured parties involved in the collision. If the accident involves an injury, the driver must notify the police. In a pedestrian accident, it is likely the victim will suffer injuries. The injured person should obtain the contact and personal information of the driver who hit them, including, name, address vehicle registration, driver’s license. However, the highest priority for the victim is to seek the medical attention and treatment. Keep all medical records. Do not file a claim alone, contact a pedestrian accident attorney right away. We can fight for your rights as you take the time to recover.

Other Pedestrian Accident FAQs:

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