Philadelphia Truck Accident Injuries

While any motor vehicle accident has the capability of causing injury, truck accidents are among the most likely to result in serious injury or death. Those injured in a Philadelphia truck accident are entitled to bring a personal injury claim against the parties responsible for their injuries. In a truck accident case, this may include the truck driver, the driver’s employer, the truck’s manufacturer and others.

At MyPhillyLawyer, we represent truck accident victims, helping them recover full and fair compensation for their injuries. Our dedicated team of Philly personal injury lawyers has the dedication, experience and tenacity required to succeed in these complex cases.

The Most Common Injuries in Philly Truck Accidents

Whether a Philly truck accident occurs on I-95, the Vine Street Expressway, or the notorious section of I-76, the result can be devastating. Truck crashes involve an enormous amount of force that can cause mayhem on the highway, even to vehicles not involved in the initial collision. The following are among the most common injures in truck accidents:

Spinal cord injuries: The spinal cord is responsible for coordinating movement throughout the body. While the spine protects the spinal cord from mild and moderate impacts, the forces involved in a truck accident can easily break or damage the small bones in the spine, resulting in excruciating pain and the possibility of lifelong medical conditions.

Neck injuries: Whiplash occurs when an accident victim’s head swiftly moves forward or backward, applying excessive force to the neck and the surrounding muscles and tissues. While most cases of whiplash heal over time, more severe neck injuries may leave behind lingering symptoms.

Brain injuries: A large percentage of Philly truck accidents involve head trauma, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). While concussions can be minor and may not leave behind any long-term symptoms, that will not always be the case. A TBI can be difficult to detect initially but can often result in long-term damage, especially when untreated.

Amputations and Burns: During a truck accident, an accident victim may sustain serious injuries related to the accident itself, but also from subsequent events put into motion by the accident, such as a fire. Amputations and burn injuries are especially common in truck accident cases where the truck’s fuel tank ruptures.

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