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The Philadelphia area continues to enjoy a great deal of growth, which means a lot of construction is going on. Construction site accidents are a fact of life in the construction industry, but they are also of serious concern to construction workers and their families. Construction related accidents are not limited to those involved in construction work. Innocent passers-by can also receive serious injuries on a construction site.

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Sometimes, construction workers are employees of the responsible party at a construction accident. In those cases, injuries are handled by workers’ compensation laws. In other cases, there are instances where a general contractor has tried to claim that the employee of a subcontractor is actually acting as an employee of the general contractor so that the construction worker is limited to damages under the workers’ compensation laws.

At MyPhillyLawyer, we will determine what status an employee has, and when he or she is actually not an employee for purposes of the workman’s compensation immunity provisions. This can significantly affect the type of damages you are eligible to receive in your case.

Construction Accidents Can Affect Anyone, Not Just Workers

Other people besides actual construction workers can be injured in a construction site accident. From a piece of machinery or material falling outside the actual site to tripping over debris left on the sidewalk during a construction project, serious injuries to innocent passers-by can be the unfortunate result. We can help you recover for those injuries, finding the responsible party and making sure that you are fully compensated.

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I lost the use of my right arm when I hurt myself at work. The structured settlement you negotiate will provide me with income for many years. Thank you for all your hard work.

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