New Jersey Motorcyclist Critically Injured By Buses in 2011 Receives $2.5 Million Settlement

As Keith Nystrom rode his motorcycle through the Lincoln Tunnel into New York City from New Jersey on Feb. 24, 2011, he was critically injured in a chain reaction crash involving three New Jersey Transit buses. The crash was horrific, with one bus crashing into the rear of a second bus, which then rear-ended Nystrom and wedged him under a third bus that was just ahead of him, according to an Oct. 17  story on

Now, more than two years after the crash, Nystrom, 49, formerly of Wayne, N.J., will receive a $2.5 million settlement after filing suit against the bus company in connection with the crash. The case was settled before New Jersey Superior Court Judge Thomas J. La Conte.

Large air bags had to be used by rescue workers to lift the buses so that Nystrom could be pulled from the wreckage under the buses after the incident, the paper reported. Fifty-four passengers on the buses were also injured, including 14 who suffered serious injuries, according to reports.

“Nystrom underwent four surgeries for two broken legs and a fractured arm and required a chest tube while he was hospitalized” following the crash, story reported. “Nystrom has no use of his left hand and limited use of his left arm because of nerve damage resulting from his injuries, and walks with a slight limp,” the story continued.

At the time of the crash, Nystrom worked for J.P. Morgan in New York as a computer associate, but he has since relocated to Houston, Texas, the paper reported. Nystrom is married and has four children. “It’s a miracle he survived,” his attorney told the paper.” It was six months before he was able to walk.”

The crash occurred when the driver of the first bus apparently became distracted and didn’t realize that the bus in front of him had slowed, the report states. That driver, “who was traveling a proper speed of about 35 mph, never put his foot on the brake prior to impact,” which pushed the second bus into Nystrom and trapped him under the third bus.

It’s been a long and hard road to recovery for Nystrom and the settlement will undoubtedly help him continue his rehabilitation and move on with his life as he adjusts to his diminished physical capabilities.

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