Focusing on Boat Safety in Wake of Recent Boat Crashes, Fatalities

The deaths of two young men in a July 31 boat collision near San Diego, Calif., are the latest tragedies on the waters across our nation. Their deaths follow a July 4 incident in Miami that killed four people when three pleasure boats collided near a Miami marina.

Both incidents are stark reminders to us all of the importance of boating safety on the water so that more people don’t become victims of such tragedies.

In the latest incident, the two men, ages 20 and 21, were killed when two boats collided on the water in the El Capitan Reservoir near lakeside, Calif., according to an Aug. 1 story by CBS 8 news in San Diego.  One of the boats was stationary and was struck by the second boat, which was moving in the water, the story reported. Two people were ejected from each boat. The other occupants survived the impact.

A fisherman, Todd Holverson, witnessed the crash, according to CBS 8. “They both raised their hands up, to me like it was fun and games or something,” he said. “Then I turned my head and I heard them hit. It shot through the middle and it either launched right through and came over backwards or it hit and turned over and the other boat was destroyed. It was almost in half.”

In the Miami incident, four people were killed and 12 others were injured when three boats collided after a July 4 fireworks show near the Dinner Key Marina in Biscayne Bay, according to a July 6 report by One of the boats struck a second boat and then that one collided with a third boat, CNN reported.

In another July 4 incident, in 2012, three children died in Long Island’s Oyster Bay in New York when a 34-foot-long private yacht capsized after a holiday fireworks show, trapping the children inside the boat’s cabin.

All of these tragic crashes should serve to remind us all of the always-present dangers that lurk in any body of water.

Across the U.S., there were 560 fatalities in boating accidents in 2013, according to U.S. Coast Guard statistics and That’s down from 651 fatalities in 2012, according to the statistics.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Resource Center web site reminds boaters that wearing a life vest is the most important step that boaters can take to ensure their safety on the water.

Boaters should also conduct a safety check of equipment, passengers and all systems before heading out on the water, as well as having completed boating safety courses and emergency information plans, or “float plans.”

You can even take a free, online boat safety course through the Boat U.S. Foundation for Boating Safety & Clean Water.

No want wants to have to endure a tragedy on the water and the best way to prevent such disasters is through good training and knowing the limits of your vessel and the waters you are navigating.

Boating safety begins with all of us.

There is still plenty of summer weather left and we hope that tragedies like the recent incidents around the nation are not repeated.

Accidents can happen anywhere, on the roads, on the water, in the air and on public or private property. Preserving your rights and claims is critical following an accident, so be sure to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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