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A Settlement Doesn’t Have To Mean Settling

Injury survivors and the families of wrongful death victims all have one thing in common no matter the details of their case: they have a right to collect financial compensation for the damages they have suffered. In most cases, this compensation is obtained in the form of a settlement reached with the insurance company of…
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Court Radio: Slip & Fall and Car Accidents: Know Your Rights

On this episode of Court Radio, Dean Weitzman of MyPhillyLawyer talks about liability against the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania; whether you can sue them, when you can sue them, what are they liable for, and how does the process work.
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Legal Rights Of Injured Student Athletes

High School Football Injuries Can Be Life-Ending Recently, a lot of media attention has focused on high school students who have been injured while playing football and other contact sports. Football players are particularly susceptible to suffering mild to severe brain injuries, as a result of the repeated hits they take during practice and games.…
Court Radio

Court Radio: Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

On this episode of Court Radio, Dean Weitzman of MyPhillyLawyer speaks with attorney Daniel Klaproth about nursing home neglect and abuse, and answer legal questions from callers.
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When to Call a Lawyer After an Accident: Q & A with Philadelphia attorney Dean Weitzman

Q. Why do people need to know when to call an attorney after a car accident? A. I realized that people didn’t know when to call a lawyer after I spoke with a client who had heard my Court Radio program and liked it, but hesitated to call me. When I asked him why he…
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Reasons To Pursue A Personal Injury Claim

Accident Injury Claim Compensation After a serious personal injury from a car accident, slip-and-fall, dog bite or other personal injury, you will probably have significant medical expenses. But you may question why to pursue compensation from the person who was responsible for your injury – particularly if that person is a relative, friend or local…