It’s important to know where to turn in domestic violence cases. At MyPhillyLawyer, we have the answers to all of your questions.

When You Need a MyPhillyLawyer Domestic Violence Attorney

It is essential to understand that there is no crime with the specific name of domestic violence. Instead, a domestic violence charge is laid when a person commits a crime from a list, and that crime is against a person in a domestic relationship with the accused. Also, remember that each case is different, and at MyPhillyLawyer, we treat each case precisely that way. There is no one solution to a domestic violence situation. Domestic...


Car Crash Attorney Gets $1.5M Settlement for Family of Teen Killed in Crash

The family of a high school senior who was killed after her 2016 Nissan Versa automobile rolled over after being struck by another car has reached a $1.5 million settlement with the car company in connection with the girl’s death. Ashlynn Overton, 18, a senior at North Augusta High School, was killed in July of 2017 in Aiken County, South Carolina, on Highway 25 north when another car veered into her lane and struck her...


Philadelphia car accident attorneys

Philadelphia Car Crash Lawyer Has Special Damage Claims Advice for Drivers Injured in a Rental Car Crash in Pennsylvania that Insurance Claims Adjusters Won’t Tell You About

I always say that automobile insurance companies and insurance claims adjusters do not have the interests of injured motorists in mind. This was again evident recently when two separate clients came to me here at MyPhillyLawyer after being seriously injured in vehicle accidents and filing claims. The first client was injured while driving a rental car, which was struck by another vehicle being driven by another motorist. After being injured in the crash, our client sought immediate...


Slip and Fall Attorney Wins $800,000 Verdict for Woman Who Slipped and Fell on Ice and Snow Outside a Child Care Center While Picking Up Her Grandson

A grandmother who slipped and fell on ice and snow while picking up her grandson from a child care center in February of 2014 has been awarded an $800,000 verdict by a Court of Common Pleas jury in Luzerne County. The woman, Joann Babbish, who was 66 when she slipped and fell on Feb. 4, 2014, outside the Pixie Paradise Child Care Center in West Hazelton, fractured her ankle and suffered back injuries in the...


Car Crash Lawyer Wins $2.5 Million Jury Verdict for a New Jersey Car Accident Victim Who Was Seriously Injured in a Three-Car Crash While Stopped at a Red Light

A 46-year-old New Jersey woman and her husband have been awarded $2.5 million in damages by a jury in connection with serious injuries she received in a 2014 car accident when she was struck from behind in a chain-reaction collision. The victim, Jennifer Tomaselli, now 46, of South Brunswick, N.J., was injured Nov. 21, 2014, when her car was struck as she was sitting at a red light on New Brunswick Road near Cedar Grove...


$10.6M Verdict to Woman After Losing Her Arm in a Car Crash

A woman whose arm was amputated after the vehicle she was riding in crashed and overturned on a New Jersey Interstate highway in 2015 has been awarded $10.6 million in compensatory damages by a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas jury. The victim, Shanika Brown, was in the front passenger seat of a minivan being driven by another woman on Interstate 295 in Gloucester County, N.J., in July of 2015 when the minivan driver swerved to...


$1.275M Verdict for Man Who Suffered Broken Ankle in Fall on Ice

A Chester County man has been awarded a $1.275 million verdict by a Pennsylvania jury after he broke his ankle while trying to walk through an icy parking lot at his apartment building in November of 2014. The victim, Michael G. White, was walking through the parking lot at his home at the Paoli Place Apartments in Paoli when he slipped and fell in the icy parking lot, breaking his ankle, according to an Oct....


Keeping Older Drivers Safe on the Road: A MyPhillyLawyer Guide

As drivers get older, their reaction times, eyesight and driving skills can deteriorate, making them less safe on the roads. For families which have older drivers, including grandparents and elderly parents, this can be a difficult and sensitive subject to raise, but it is important that such discussions be considered and taken on. We all remember the freedom, the thrill and the excitement of getting our driver's license when we were teenagers. With that piece...


What to Do if You are in a Car Crash: A Guide from MyPhillyLawyer

Vehicle crashes can happen anytime, especially when winter weather turns slippery and nasty. That's why it’s a good idea to periodically review the correct steps to take to protect you and your passengers if you are ever involved in a vehicle crash with another motorist who is drunk, distracted or making bad choices on our roadways. These kinds of crashes happen when innocent drivers least expect them. Here's what you can do if you are...


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