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Here’s How MyPhillyLawyer is Working on Behalf of Our Clients During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

On behalf of MyPhillyLawyer, in these unprecedented days of the COVID-19 coronavirus that threatens our communities and has shut down much of our nation and our world, I wanted to communicate with you, our clients, friends and potential clients, to let you know what we are doing in reaction to this crisis. Our offices in Center City Philadelphia are closed in accordance with the city’s shutdown order so that we may all practice social distancing...


Med Mal Lawyer Wins $6.48M Verdict for Family of Child Born with Birth Defects Due to Blood Pressure Medicine Prescribed for Her Then-Pregnant Mother

A child who was born with serious birth defects after her mother continued to take blood pressure medication while she was pregnant has been awarded $6.48 million in damages by a Georgia jury to pay for her ongoing medical treatments. The girl, now 8 years old, suffered brain damage, kidney damage, cognitive issues, skull abnormalities, intestinal problems and other medical issues due to the blood pressure medicine that was prescribed for her mother, Terry Franklin,...


Personal Injury Lawyer Wins $22.5M Medical Malpractice Settlement for Family of a 6-Week-Old Baby Who Suffered Permanent Brain Damage Due to Oxygen Deprivation During Surgery

A Wisconsin family has reached a $22.5 million medical malpractice damage settlement after their 6-week-old son suffered brain damage following surgery to correct a birth defect involving his spinal cord. The boy's parents, Ramasurreddy and Neeraja Mallidi, of Fitchburg, Wisc., had taken their infant son to the University Of Wisconsin Health System's American Family Children's Hospital to correct a tethered spinal cord, in which the boy's spinal cord was stuck to surrounding tissue, according to...


Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Awards $2,500 College Scholarship to Crash Victim as Part of the First-Ever MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship

Philadelphia's MyPhillyLawyer personal injury and car accident law firm has awarded its first-ever $2,500 MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship to recognize and support victims of serious car crashes who are continuing to pursue their educational goals. Also eligible to apply for the MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship are victims of medical errors or other life-threatening incidents caused by negligence. Applicants can be students in law school or college. The scholarship was created in recognition of the many...


How You Can Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Family

Every Sunday morning, callers to our MyPhillyLawyer Court Radio broadcast dial in to talk about their legal situations. And inevitably, some of our callers, who are often avid fans of the show, explain that they were recently involved in a car crash, hired a lawyer and now are not happy with their choice of representation. They ask to make an appointment with our firm to discuss their situation. Then I ask them why they didn't...


$40M Jury Verdict to Delaware County Family in Birth Injury Case

A $40.3 million medical malpractice verdict has been awarded to the family of a 6-year-old Delaware County girl who suffered a spinal injury at birth in 2011 at Delaware County Memorial Hospital. The child, Grayson Charlton, and her twin sister were delivered at the hospital on March 2, 2011, according to a Jan. 25 story in The Legal Intelligencer, but unlike her sister, who was born first, Grayson was born breech, or feet-first. The babies...


In 2018, MyPhillyLawyer is Here to Help You with Your Legal Needs

As 2017 ends, we here at MyPhillyLawyer want to thank all our clients and partners for their friendship, trust and confidence this past year and to let you know how much we value all of you. As 2018 arrives next week, we will be here as always to assist you and represent you in a myriad of legal situations, including personal injury cases, birth injuries, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases, workplace injuries, criminal defense, estate...


$5M Settlement Awarded to Family in Medical Malpractice Birth Case

The family of a baby born in a naval hospital in Florida in 2012 has reached a $5 million medical malpractice settlement after three doctors allegedly chose not to order a cesarean section delivery after tests showed evidence of a lack of oxygen to the infant and fetal distress during the birth. Jenifer and Sean Mochocki reached the $5 million settlement with the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, more than two years after filing a medical malpractice...


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$19.3M Settlement Awarded in Pa. Birth Malpractice Case

A Pennsylvania woman and her family will receive a $19.3 million settlement after her newborn daughter suffered brain damage and other injuries after her caesarean section procedure was allegedly delayed in December 2012 after the patient arrived at a hospital. The plaintiff, Marissa Vaccaro, arrived at Moses Taylor Hospital in December 2012 and was showing "signs of a potentially life-threatening placental abruption," according to a Jan. 5 story by The Legal Intelligencer. She was seen...


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