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Car Accident Lawyer Wins $7 Million Verdict for Trooper Hurt in Crash When His SUV Was Rear-Ended By a Greyhound Bus on Highway

A North Carolina State Trooper who was severely injured when his patrol car was struck from behind as he was parked on the side of a highway responding to an earlier vehicle crash has been awarded a $7 million verdict by a federal jury. The trooper, D.C. Justice, was responding to an earlier crash on eastbound Interstate 40/85 in North Carolina when the bus smashed into his parked Chevrolet Tahoe SUV as he was inside...


Workplace Accident Attorney Reaches $1.1 Million Settlement for Family of Man Killed in Fracking Construction Site Towing Mishap

The family of a 49-year-old delivery driver who was killed in January 2015 when his pickup truck was crushed by a construction vehicle at a fracking work site has reached a $1.1 million settlement with the company whose employee tried to tow the man's truck out of the ditch. The victim, Gregory Jones, 49, was delivering a heater to the fracking site on Guiton Road in Middletown Township, Pa., on Jan. 16, 2015, when his...


Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Awards $2,500 College Scholarship to Crash Victim as Part of the First-Ever MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship

Philadelphia's MyPhillyLawyer personal injury and car accident law firm has awarded its first-ever $2,500 MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship to recognize and support victims of serious car crashes who are continuing to pursue their educational goals. Also eligible to apply for the MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship are victims of medical errors or other life-threatening incidents caused by negligence. Applicants can be students in law school or college. The scholarship was created in recognition of the many...


Truck Accident Lawyer Helps Victim Get $2.5M Crash Settlement After He Was Seriously Injured When He Was Struck by a Winter Storm Sand Truck

A Long Island, N.Y. man who was seriously injured when a box truck he was driving was struck by a municipal snowplow and sanding truck in 2013 has reached a $2.5 million settlement with the local government where the crash occurred. The victim, Danny J. Miller, was driving his work box truck on Long Beach Road at West Windsor Parkway in Hempstead, N.Y., on Feb. 3, 2013, when a Hempstead town employee drove a snowplow...


$3M Verdict to Truck Driver Who Was Severely Injured by Oncoming Truck

A 49-year-old Florida dump truck driver whose vehicle was struck by an oncoming dump truck in July of 2016, causing serious injuries that left him unable to work, has been awarded $3.38 million in damages by a Florida jury. Joel Capote, who owned his own trucking company until the crash, suffered multiple fractures to his leg, spine and face as well as facial cuts, all of which have required multiple surgeries and other care, due...


$2.5M Settlement After Equipment Mechanic Killed in Building Collapse

The family of a 52-year-old New Jersey heavy equipment mechanic has reached a $2.5 million settlement with two development and construction companies after the man was killed when a building collapsed on him at a building demolition site. The worker, Raymond Crosby, arrived at the demolition site of the Beachwood Shopping Plaza to repair a piece of equipment on Sept. 24, 2015, when he was asked to go inside the site to cut several support...


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$3.8M Settlement to Man Severely Hurt By Faulty Door in Skyscraper

As he walked through a doorway from an outside service balcony on the roof of the Aramark Tower skyscraper in Philadelphia in May of 2015, an assistant building engineer was severely injured when a faulty outside door was blown by a strong gust of wind behind him, forcing him to violently crash into a large concrete building support beam. The victim, Timothy May, has reached a $3.8 million settlement with the owners and management of...


How You Can Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Family

Every Sunday morning, callers to our MyPhillyLawyer Court Radio broadcast dial in to talk about their legal situations. And inevitably, some of our callers, who are often avid fans of the show, explain that they were recently involved in a car crash, hired a lawyer and now are not happy with their choice of representation. They ask to make an appointment with our firm to discuss their situation. Then I ask them why they didn't...


In 2018, MyPhillyLawyer is Here to Help You with Your Legal Needs

As 2017 ends, we here at MyPhillyLawyer want to thank all our clients and partners for their friendship, trust and confidence this past year and to let you know how much we value all of you. As 2018 arrives next week, we will be here as always to assist you and represent you in a myriad of legal situations, including personal injury cases, birth injuries, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases, workplace injuries, criminal defense, estate...


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