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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Propose Several Bills Intended to Help Philadelphia Business Owners Obtain Benefits through Business Interruption Claims

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the state and local government’s efforts to combat the rapid spread of the virus, has resulted in many Philadelphia businesses suddenly finding that their income stream has completely shut off. Governor Wolf declared a state of emergency on march 6, 2020, and less than two week later he signed an executive order closing schools, many government offices and all non-essential businesses. While some businesses have been able to slowly...


business interruption insurance lawyer

Philadelphia Businesses Are Fighting for Deserved Insurance Coverage to Offset Losses Related to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected almost every Philadelphia businesses in one way or another. Indeed, it has been estimated that small business across the country are losing $383 billion per month, despite the best efforts of many businesses to creatively generating income in other ways. For many business owners, the reality of the sudden loss of income was only worsened by their insurance company’s refusal to provide what the business owner thought were promised...


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Has Your Business Interruption Insurance Been Denied Due to Covid-19? Here’s How MyPhillyLawyer Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone since state stay-at-home orders were put into effect in mid-March as government authorities began working to try to stop the spread of the deadly disease.  The situation has also been difficult for retail and professional businesses that were forced to close unless they were deemed “essential,” which includes grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores and vehicle repair operations. Millions of workers have been laid-off, furloughed or fired due to...